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Of Love And Parting - Poem by Leria Hawkins

Of Love And Parting
Date: April 2,2010

For too long,
I have slept in the shadows of the truth
Forever hopeful for a path to the light
For years, I've felt the bitter sting
And suffered the cold hand of disappointment

So, take the breathless whispers,
The laughter, the honey-fused kisses…
I've drank too much bad water
It's left me broken… my spirit torn
I no longer wish to bathe in the well of heartache

Its love me tenderly, sweetheart…or set me free
There is no middle ground, no half measure
There is only my heart…the tender longing of my soul…
And the endless love I feel for you

So, if these gifts disappoint…
If I've failed to live up to your pride or fancy
Then please leave it be, moreover…leave me be
I don't need lustful banter, without the fire of passion
Or a stone cold heart offering but sorrow

The once coveted whispers, fall deaf upon my ears
And the night winds do little to soften the soul of a non-believer
Yesterday's flattery creeps like a slow poison
Leaving me overwrought and uneasy
While the renderings of today rain down on me, bitter and raw

My flesh has grown cold in the want for your touch
And my heart….hard… without the balm of love
Endless promises have offered only a vast emptiness
And have served to drive the cleave but deeper
Severing the vessel of my long held faith

We've ventured far on the wings of my desire…
Only to find ourselves at the end of our journey
Saddened to part…not as friends or as lovers
But as strangers, two ships, adrift on a lonely sea
Each running headlong to the point of no return

The fire has dwindled and burns low on the horizon
The night's have grown silent, no longer echoing soft your name
And while moonlit skies sparkle bright with bittersweet longing
The occasional shooting star streaks forth to remind me
Of a fire that burned fierce but died too soon

We've come to the end of this chapter
A crusade fraught with love, with passion…and with loss
Yet my history book would be flawed, imperfect without it
This passage, forever sacred to my heart is burned deep into memory
And as I lift the quill to pen the verses of a new tomorrow
I'll accept today's heartache as a lesson learned

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Copyright © 2010 Leria Hawkins, All Rights Reserved

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