Official: I Work Hard Poem by Paula Glynn

Official: I Work Hard

The alarm rings every morning
The clock saying it 7 o'clock
I get out of bed and shower
I get the kids out of their cosy beds
And they all quickly shower

Then it is breakfast time
Where I drink my caffetterie coffee
And the kids drink orange juice
I eat my strawberries and muesli
And they eat their soggy cornflakes

We all pile into the small car
The handy local school
The distance not too far
And soon - in a noisy car - we arrive
And my kids greet their classmates

I continue in the rain to work
Sitting in the busy office
Answering the telephone
Responding to neverending work emails
The other office workers also female

Then soon lunchtime arrives
And the nearby cafe thrives
My co-workers and I to dine
Our lunch perfectly cooked
And just tasting utterly divine

I get back to work and before I know it
It is hometime for my kids
My working day thankfully done
My day successful and busy
And now my kids are soon home

We all eat a tasty dinner
My kids loving their food
Even though sometimes in a bad mood
But that is seldom
My kids loving their young lives

Soon it is TV and then bathtime
Bubbles wonderful and sublime
My kids happily bathing first
Then at their bedtime
It is my turn to relish the bubbles

I work hard and I play hard
Working hard every single day
Because I am a top mum
And my kids are important enough
To indulge in happiness for everyone

Because I believe a happy childhood
Means happy adulthood
And a healthy psychology
Starts in childhood innocence
And prepares for harsh life

But I also work hard for me
To pay the bills and my house
To live my life in harmony
To live my life and be free
To live this life just for me.

Paula Glynn

Paula Glynn

Essex, Britain
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