Rainforest Life & Dreams Part 2 Poem by Paula Glynn

Rainforest Life & Dreams Part 2

The rainforest is green with its beauty,
It is pure and holy like the greatest palace,
Where kings and queens roam,
In all their unrequited glory,
For the rainforest could tell many stories,
Stories of love and destruction,
Of people walking its depths,
And seeing the variety of wildlife,
That lingers there,
And makes beautiful paintings and photographs,
For people to admire and stare.
The rainforest is millions of years old,
And many tales have been told,
Its full depths and mysteries unknown,
But the people of the rainforest,
Celebrate its beauty with their magical rituals,
That are both remarkable and divine,
All at the same time,
For many people have tales to tell,
Tales of history and a mysterious society,
Where people of passion and colour wonder the trees,
And admire the birds of the forest,
And even insects, like bees,
For sunlight filters through the tallest trees,
And wildlife of all descriptions,
Add extra colour to the healing leaves,
And when it rains, the whole forest is drenched,
And wildlife hide under the forest ground,
The life-giving rain the only sound,
The sunlight shines through,
Such an imagination of beauty,
That this must be heaven.

S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 26 June 2021

Also Plz do read and comment my newest poem too titled, 'The value of life and oxygen

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zakariya 18 October 2020

i can do better this poem is a literal peice of

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eliana 21 September 2021

then do it lol

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Nate?? 29 June 2020

🐳🐘💖good. 🐵love it xx

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Lily Boadsky 25 June 2020

beautiful poem it is wonderful

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Lily Boadsky 25 June 2020

beautiful poem it is wonderful especialy when it takes me a whole year to think of a poem with only 2 lines

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Paula Glynn

Paula Glynn

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