Oh! Beloved Poem by me poet yeps poet

Oh! Beloved

I can feel your love
from a million miles
you flow like
the River Thames
the Mississippi
the Amazon
may be
the Brahmaputra
the Ganges

Yes one can't forget
the Nile
the Hudson

I can even now see you smile
as I am composing poetry
forever all my while
in a beloved River flowing style

Love me will ye
with all my imitable profile

when the rivers meet
the horizon and the ocean
along with the sky

Beloved will you still love me
as I did
in loving arms of yours
where I'd wish to die

as another beloved
I can never find like you
and you know why

I may in your love die
Okay next day
No, okay
but one day
neither you nor I will know

we till that unknown day
must continue to grow
my beloved you and I
together shall sow
Love before from this earth
towards eternity we go

let's both lovingly hope so

Wednesday, January 2, 2019
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Prabir Gayen 04 January 2019

Fantastic expression of love with meditativeness...You are lovingly dead and passively romantic...very fine poem dear poet the Great Poet...

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Dev Anand 02 January 2019

when the rivers meet the horizon and the ocean along with the sky..horizon's meeting with the ocean , as a symbol of love and intimacy..... love your poem mentioning so many of the rivers of the world......... a fine poetic expression my dear poet. tony

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Me Poet Yeps Poet 03 January 2019

When more than one river is mentioned it covers all kinds of men across continents urs too when fall drops of dew lol friend ur romantic thanks read more i enjoy urs

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