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Herbert Nehrlich

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Olanzapine please don't be mean,
you are my friend, do understand
that without you I would feel blue
and that my choices and those voices
would much affect my intellect,
and all my mood, right now I'm nude,
I dance around, fall to the ground
make funny faces and wear my laces
over my ears, but have no fears
I am not crazy, nor truly lazy
it's just that devils, on many levels
live in my head, and I am led
round and around, it may astound
you, who is sane that I'm in pain
and pretty sure there is no cure.
The docs are strange, they just arrange
some tranquillising, it is surprising
that the stigma is nothing more than an enigma
which keeps me out, and rather stout,
because the pills, which cure no ills
put on the weight, it is my fate
though do not fret, I'm glad we met
without your love I'd get a shove
into the place where, case by case,
they strap you down, you are the clown,
crank up the amps, which dims the lamps
a rigorosum of c. callosum
or insulin, those shots are sin
go in a coma, wake to aroma
of your own shit, and that is it.
There's no solution but execution
which may be why some say good-bye.
In various ways, like in a daze
in my next life I'll be a wife
who marries you, as people do
I'll take good care and will be fair
and I will give, long may you live
you every day, may come what may
olanzopine and lycopene
give you some health and them their wealth.
I did betray and went astray
that little gnome adrenochrome
was said to be my misery,
that nutrients would make amends.
It worked for years but novel fears
were shoved my way, they made me sway.
My pharmacist said that the gist
was to comply and say good-bye
to vitamins and fill the bins.
Though I do think, wink, wink, wink, wink,
that modern docs are just like crocs,
they need the needy, being greedy
but, make them sour, they have the power
to cut your pension, so my intention
is be good boy, and jump for joy.
Olanzapine, where have you been
I will be true and stick with you.

Poem Submitted: Wednesday, June 15, 2005

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