Old Age Homes Poem by Josey Alfred

Old Age Homes

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The mind in whirl, as in a storm
To bridge the gap, now and the past!
Desires unmet are yet pending!
Six decades past are truly dead.

They strove to give a future bright,
To children God gave them too late!
They toiled hard, sweating for bread
To ensure children’s future safe.

Youthful their days decayed, in vain,
Like a snake fed through out, with dust.
For past struggle, such uphill task-
They now live in misery and woe.

And thus they are, two, bonny bags
With wrinkled flesh and knotted knees.
They have no balm to sooth their pain,
They roam the town to beg for food.

Now the bitter, waves of the life
Inflict pain and baffle their souls.
For whom they strove to feed and give?
Now act as alien, and ignore them.

Thus we have now the old age homes!
Nonetheless to cater meager their needs,
And to dispose them, just when dead,
And make room for other unwanted souls.

Sunday, March 29, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: helplessness
Valsa George 12 April 2015

This is the sad plight of aged parents! After a life time of hard toil feathering the nest for making their fledlings comfortable and after all the efforts to let them out of the nest to wider skies, the inglorious fate that awaits the parents is so sickening! Children dispose them like trash in old age homes! Once they are dead, they leave space for the unfortunate ones soon to arrive! A poem contemplating the harsh realities of life!

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Josey Alfred 27 April 2015

Many thanks, The news papers, almost daily give sad plight of old parents, who are thrown out of home and from the their own life not by one but the many children of the poor old people. These situations is going from bad to worst, The young generation is going in a dangerous plight.we have to try, but there is no light any where.

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Josey Alfred

Josey Alfred

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