Old Age Marriage Or Affection Of A Man Poem by Chan Mongol

Old Age Marriage Or Affection Of A Man

June 2,2019
Poem by Chan Mongol

It will be a sham love and marriage at this age
I didn't have it in my book's number one page.
I left home very young and it was my fate
Decades in USA, I couldn't make myself up to date.

True love never came to an unknown foreigner
Love needs time to grow little by little together;
I didn't get that chance because, I met only evil
I didn't have time to see who how to know, to feel.

Whatever happened was not KARMA but fate
Under circumstances, I couldn't cross the strait.
Fate didn't allow me to get the taste of liberty
I got tired of facing system of dishonesty and dirty.

In old age, people had then early marriage
To care, to love fairly, to spend life and age!
Early marriage was allowed and it was working
In agricultural societies, couples enjoyed offspring.

But marriages becomes sham marriages
When not enough time for love, unless rare cases!
Many sects, cults made for Mohammad's marriage
Still, people criticize Aisha and his old age.

I saw in New York what many maids did
Maids took power and old men were pleased.
Adult children didn't give a shit for older families
For care, old men gave all to domestic employees.

You don't see, you don't cook stories controversial
What can an old man do with a maid or young girl?
Muhammad married Aisha out of affection, care
Thus, Aisha's dynasty inherited wealth, power.

In prehistoric time, there was no nursing home
Now, girls get paid as maid to live and to roam.
None asks now what older men do indoor
Blame goes to Mohammad who lived long before.

Sunday, June 2, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: affection,marriage,oldness,social behaviour
O POET ME POET 02 June 2019

you poet are from the EAST Here in WEST guys love to enjoy a daily feast read more thanks for the material CM chicken everyday with a different maid etc now read me CM

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