Old Days Poem by hassan hayati

Old Days

Rating: 3.8

I miss the old days, in many hours, in many ways
We went to school on foot
Winter days on the snow, we did play and scoot
Stories were made on the way, every day
We fought, but soon reconciled and made a new play
School was not near, but interesting and pleasant
We were always late, after the teacher was present
I miss our old big crowded house
And the basement store with a smart mouse
Mother kept the groceries in the barrel made of tin
The spry mouse and hungry kids dreamed to find a way in
I miss the alley; it was not flat but fair
I miss the jasmine, on the wall shoulders like hair
Hair of young pretty girl left in the wind
The fragrant blooms on them were pinned
Gradually the blooms were welcomed by the ground open hug
The black pave was painted like a Persian rug
I miss the old days in different ways
Swimming in the river in Junes and Mays
It was our daily habit all hot summer time
Picking an apple not allowed, was our worst crime
The world was a world
We were young and bold
Now the world is just a village, then we are decrepit and old

Old Days
Akhtar Jawad 01 August 2019

Man loves of his past, dislikes his present and dreams for his future. So are you and so is me. A beautiful poem.

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Hassan Hayati 02 August 2019

Sir Jawad, thank you so much for this comment, Yes this is true, I really think the past was much better.

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Amir Marandi 03 January 2019

Great poem. Vividly describing and painting the places and events. It brought back a lot of old memories.

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Hassan Hayati 05 January 2019

Yes Amir, I mean considering the old days reminding, and I like to say thanks for your attention

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Kumarmani Mahakul 26 November 2017

The memories of the past float on the river mind. At present we get pleasure from childhood memories how we were going to school, how we were playing with quarreling sometimes and were swimming in the ponds or rivers. Dear Hayati, you have so nicely and stunningly inscribed these memories in this poem. The last stanza is most touching and meaningful. Thanks for sharing.10

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Hassan Hayati 04 December 2017

Dear Kumar, it is another reason that I believe you are a support, and Yes I really miss the old days.

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