On A Moonlit Night Poem by James Timothy Jarrett

On A Moonlit Night

I guess I am like that Rat

He was the tough one that wouldn't die.

The one that just couldn't be killed… until he was

He had been shot and hurt, holed through, at least 3 times, gone to death, though still not yet,

But still he fought, running, hiding and evading

When the dog finally came for him

He was scented in, brown and power

In dusted thunder

With spit, teeth and blood rolling

The rat actually jumped up to fight, springing and trying to bite him in the face

He bounced and sprang, almost like a boxer, dodging in and out, feinting and snapping

For a moment, surviving

The dog, for his part, was a little more cautious

On the last go round with this rat, he had taken a nasty bite to the lip and nose while trying to put the death clamp to him

The rat took advantage of the moments hesitation to quickly squeeze through the chicken wire and escape between the layers

The dog, snapping, bit him as he went through, trying to crush him in his powerful jaws

But the wire caught his teeth in gnashing

And the rat slipped away

Gone in the dark

Until he wasn't

Until he was found again

Found behind the planter, then under the footer and then back on the other side of the aging chicken wire

He had been shot again in the meantime, yet still his reserves weren't gone

Still he ran and led the dog on the chase, evading him at every turn

Until he didn't

The last shot stopped him and he lay down

He was wet with dog spit and bedraggled and still wanting to bite

But it was over and the dog pounced on him and put the death bite to his stomach, ending it finally

This rat had been trapped the week before and escaped from the jaws of the trap, into the jaws of the dog

He escaped once again with a well placed bite and lived to fight another day

And what a fight it was

And I think that I am like that rat. I just keep going and keep fighting and I think it's mainly because I just don't know how to give up or maybe sometimes I am just too dumb to give up..

Maybe that was the rats problem too.

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