A Field Of Ash In The Dark Poem by James Timothy Jarrett

A Field Of Ash In The Dark

Rating: 5.0

She comes to me in my dreams

A lace wrapped wraith with golden hair

She runs carelessly

Through the mist shrouded forest

of my dark unsettled sleep

A dream, a dream

And lost

I awake

And am left with the moist air

upon my bed

Damp and chilled I rise to my day

And all that is left

Is the memory of a dream

My beautiful Daughter Ashley from whom I was estranged
Fay Slimm 28 September 2008

A lace-wrapped wraith- dark unsettled sleep. These slow phrases read so so well Jim. You must be satisfied, even with you first rate command of imagery, with this beautifully appealing piece. Kind thoughts always - from Fay. 10+ + +

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Ashley Jarrett 29 September 2008

I like this a lot. It's short, but doesn't need anything else added.

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Tai Chi Italy 30 September 2008

After a second read and with the knowledge that the she is your daughter, I can see a totally different perspective on this taunting and haunting dream poem. We do subconciously worry for our children, it is entirely natural and your anguish is palpable here James. The field of Ash, is perhaps symbolic in the darkness? ! A good read, thanks for sharing. I do love the title, although ash is painful metaphor in my life. All the best, Tai

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Reshma Ramesh 01 October 2008

wow.......this is beautiful......perfect

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Scarlett Treat 04 October 2008

An unsettling poem, a haunting one, and, as most dreams are at times, frightening as well. One like this leaves one with a disturbed feeling all the next day. Beautifully crafted to show that feeling.

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Sally Plumb Plumb 14 March 2019

Beautifully seductive dream. All best wishes to you.

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Shirley Hanley 13 September 2009

My second in the reading of your poetry... your two for two. Nice one...

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Linda Ori 23 May 2009

On second read, the color and feel have changed to slightly dark and forboding. As this is your daughter, hopefully, just a random dream and nothing more. Still, wonderful use of imagery and mystery.

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Linda Ori 23 May 2009

And a beautiful dream it is! Wonderfully descriptive imagery here, Jim - almost magical. 'A lace wrapped wrath with golden hair' - I love this line, especially. Nice one! Linda :)

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Ben Gieske 05 January 2009

The title is intriguing. Beautiful descriptive images. Has a pleasant, wistful tone. A good poem.

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