On Becoming Of You Poem by John Delle Panlaqui

On Becoming Of You

One of the hardest things to do in the world is to be yourself as you are not, and the easiest is to be you as you are.

Is it a mess? All I mean is this: Often when I look in the mirror, I ask myself, 'Who am I? Is this me? Why do I exist? Have you tried doing that? Sometimes we are unsatisfied with our existence because we know there is something we still need to discover in ourselves, and maybe it is also a process of aging.

We always look at ourselves by the standards of others, but how can I not be me?

First, we depend on people saying, 'who we are.'
Second, we don't know how to 'unlearned and relearned' life lessons.
Finally, it is not difficult for us to get rid of 'detachment' from the things that made us who we are today.


When we are young, we are shaped by the words 'You should be like this, ' 'You should be this, ' and 'You should imitate him.' These are words that hold us back from our liberation. I should be like this because this is what my community thinks of people like this. It should be me because these people are the ones who become successful in life, and I should emulate him because these are the standards of society and the measure of a successful life.

When we're young, it seems like we're being cut off by two wings, so we don't get caught and tied to things we know we won't like.
One of the reasons is the lack of confidence and self-confidence that we are afraid to expand our world; we prefer to lock ourselves in a closet where we are dark and cramped.

Just like a fish in a container that cannot 'explore' its natural home, we are limited by an invisible wall that we have created due to the factors we have faced and are still facing.

Have you ever tried to go to the top of a mountain to breathe fresh air, look at the green scenery, listen to the flow of water at his feet and the song of the Malaya bird? The world is so vast. Do not confine yourself to the four corners of your own world.

At risk, we are afraid of stumbling or falling because the meaning of being wrong is very harmful. The only point is that mistakes are not allowed because with every mistake, we learn, and our foundation in life is strengthened. It's only wrong to make mistakes when we can't correct the already bad things, but we just let them go.

If you think you're happy being that way, there's nothing wrong with being you. No one dictates who you are and what you should be. They say, 'It's internal that decides' if you know you're doing better and not stepping on anyone's feet.

Spread your wings and go into the broader world of learning and discovering your existence. You are free, and it's good to be Free.


We learn lessons from books, the experiences of others, but we can learn more from our own experiences. They say, 'Learning is authentic if you actually experience it.'
At this point, let's not just learn from learning. Let's also known to be 'unlearned.' We have learned something because we must forget and often verify that human life is constantly and forever changing. There are times when what we knew then is different today. The last one is 'Relearned.' A few individuals are hurt in love because they don't know how to 'relearn.' Pain is thought to be part of true love. There is truth, but if we know how to unlearn and relearn from the wrong, maybe we won't waste tears again in the wrong context and person because what we learned before is 'upgraded.' Learned, Unlearned, and Relearned!


The art of letting go is letting go of the past, pain, troubles, and burdens. It is the art of self-knowledge and the art of rebirth. Personal detachment does not mean avoiding the person but releasing the pain caused by the past. It is also a way of freeing things that weigh us down, something we think hinder the things we want to achieve' The personal detachment from the emotions of the past will push us to enrich ourselves in life.

I take this from my own work, if we continue to hold on to things that weigh us down, we will not be able to fly like a bird that wants to escape its nest. If we continue to live with troubles, we will not be fish that want to explore' his more comprehensive home. If we continue to hold on to our past, we may be unable to come out of our closet. It's time to reinvent yourself. It's time for more self-awareness.

Easy to say and hard to do, but how long will you be in that situation?

The vast world has a significant influence on you, but you and only you can decide for yourself.
As long as we live, we will learn (Learned) the things that need to be changed, removed, and destroyed, 'unlearned, ' and those that should be understood, which will help us develop and discover ourselves. Again, go back and study it (re-learn) and finally, let go of things, events, and even people that become obstacles to our liberation (de-attach) .

Here we will know ourselves better, the world and our understanding will expand more, and our existence will have more meaning.

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