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On Stress

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To those who give us stress, God bless!
It took me decades, I confess
to see a reason in each mess
which is, I venture a small guess,
the raison d'ëtre nonetheless
for life to bring to us success.
So, please allow me to express
the fervent wish not to suppress
this life-essential thing called stress,
lest death cause stress to effervesce,
which soon would plunge us in distress.
Though it is harmful in excess,
we must embrace it, Yes to Stress!

Perhaps this causes you duress?
It's thirteen lines above, no less!

Herbert Nehrlich1 13 January 2008

I thank you all, I'm surely blessed though from the waiting somewhat stressed. I note that one will get undressed, surprising though that she confessed that stresses long to be caressed. Myself, I always think it best that we see stress an honoured guest. In school where stresses manifest and pupils struggle to digest a million pages for each test, where teachers, often self-possessed, flaunt curly hairs upon their chest where no one gives the wicked rest and human spirits are oppressed, the system reproduces zest but all in vain and second best. Errare (true) humanum est my refuge is a woman's breast. Herbert

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Raynette Eitel 13 January 2008

Your poem surely shows finesse- And less you think that I digress, I'll tell you how I handle stress: I put on music, then undress, Impatient for my love's caress. Raynette

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Ah, the silver lining. So true and succinct. (Yep - I couldn't function without it) . t x

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Fabulous read, Haines, Jr.! ! ! ! ! I work out nearly every day to keep the effects of life's stressors to a minimum, but yes, oh for the lessons. Miss you.

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