On The Death Of Kerry Packer

Australia's wealthiest person Kerry Packer has died the breath of life from him has gone
Seven billion in money 'twas said that he had but life without him will go on
Sixty eight years of age he was not very old his money failed to keep him alive
And only the healthiest few it does seem to a ripe old age do survive,
Kerry Packer is gone and his son James of his empire is in command
In the sands of time like all of us are he is only one small grain of sand
And greater than him to the reaper has gone on each of us a use by date
The clock on our lives it keeps ticking away and time on us never does wait,
Seven billion in assets it was not enough for to keep the reaper at bay
For all things of life on them have a time span and the reaper claims every life one day
You may live to a hundred or you may die at ten we live for a limited time
Some die in their childhood some live to be old and some even die in their prime
And Australia's wealthiest person he too had his time the reaper has paid him a call
And his death a reminder to me and to you that death it will come to us all.