On The Edge

Rating: 5.0

As I stand on the edge
of fear's sharp precipice
the wind whips doubt
into my mind.
I'm safe here
in this warm sea of knowledge,
cradled, nestled within
the safe arms of past.
What lays beyond
my comfort zone?
I slip on a sharp rock
of negative thought,
wondering whether I'm strong enough
to face fires of maybe.
Will smoky wings of regret
unfold upon descent,
or will this fall give birth
to angel feathers
that cannot be shed
or bruised by your words.
I guess I'll never know
until I leave this ledge
and step into the void.


C T Heart 20 October 2008

At the edge of every comfort zone answers lie hidden into our eyes, a matter of choice taking the risk and adventure...or just stay stagnant and be always wondering what's the world out there for us...Loved this work. a 10.

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Sonya Florentino 06 April 2009

Oh wow! This is so powerful... i have a poem too about standing on the edge...'Red Sky'

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 02 November 2008

Beautiful poem. Simplly written but profound and philosophic.

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guess I'll never know until I leave this ledge! !

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Kevin Wells 27 October 2008

Ms. Grey...thou art stunning in thy artful manipulation of our shared anglo-saxon tongue. In other words... WOW! I wish I could write like you! ! !

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Stacey Watts 23 October 2008

Such a powerful poem. I think it is so true of lifes uncertainty. This is brilliance. Great Job.

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