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Mental gratification …. Absent indulgence
or whatever be its final christening …
too abstract to subscribe to perimeters of abstraction
or accept authority

Like a lunatic
she had all my oceans rivers canals and seas
tied as her anklet
she ran with that racket

So there are unfinished breakfasts
paths choked by acid of accusations
china stained grey by your bitter adieux

I wish you strength
to rise
Whenever you fall
Reason and learn

I shall wait
I shall let the vindictive
Fingers of time gnaw at
My innards ala Chinese torture

It has been ordained
and inscription etched
in bloodlines
that I transport all your dreams

and stare at you for a minute
empty gaze of a child
on indigo punctuated with splayed silver
Cadence of my stare as it crashes

I’m resident of insanity
Here sopranos and altos are one
Weather never changes
And grammar and algebra outlawed

Nearby you seem

Now when I reach out and feel

and you think it alright
to maraud; unobstructed by fear, in
unfinished by- lanes of my mind
do you think your attire of nudity;

I’m Picasso if you asked colour of my eye
In séance I only speak Greek; come hither
Only if your soul has ears
I’m a Pharaoh and accept only sons for supper

In concupiscence
frugality must be forbidden
for sons are then sent
as junk mail in ugly unsightly crates

Do you burn incense? ?
Do you like the willowy tendrils of aroma
caressing your lithe body..
today when I smelt lavender

when did madness of my eyes
melted to a quiver …. fell off my lips

when did your longing

I think you are almost done
this almonry that’s me
and charity that’s you
tremors of hunger to receive

Shall I say that silence has outnumbered
has overwhelmed by million hectares
all other possibilities birthed in spring
Nike’s swoosh muffled, dervishes whirl quiet

Feel like a butterfly; mostly
half finished
still clinging to the
umbilical cord of the Palette

In saline silence
with lisp-the only eloquence
turned I the rosary of breathlessness
and through cracked, soiled and unsightly

[In Memoriam of Islamabad Tragedy]

In a typeset that just shrieked “40”
there were other boring stats about

[Inspired by Christine Austin Cole’s “Body of Works” ]

I’ve changed my minuses to plusses
I’ve transcended to other side of equation

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'Confetti, over stagnant verdigris A preventive counter layered over seeping external noise Halts acidic attack that rusts corrosively-' Lisa Deer [Mon Ami])

The Best Poem Of Rehan Hyder

! ! ! ! Defining Insanity [are We Still In Same Conversation? ]

Mental gratification …. Absent indulgence
or whatever be its final christening …
too abstract to subscribe to perimeters of abstraction
or accept authority
This tinge of madness
this aberration imparts clarity, impales reason.
Does it actually stop somewhere?
Can you contain it?
……Say in the vessel of verse as vassal of verse?
Ask yourself… for the only times I felt
free from the tether of skin
was in moments when
I embraced the transcendental…

Call it weirdness if you so choose
it’s the optimal contouring
of your concaves with convexes
of natures that elicits
cry of Alleluia/Eureka…… Alhamdulillah ….

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Su..... Sh 18 February 2008

your all poems touch deep inside its very difficult to select one.

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The Reader 18 November 2012

Welcome back with a renewed poetic and creative potential after 4 months & thank you for the new poems; reading works of the poets who never depend on mutual adoration, is really an experience -worthy and nice, stay creative and independent, for your work reflects these qualities.

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Shahzia Batool 29 September 2012

The poet of Colors & Symbols, as open in his poems as he is hidden behind the name; loyal to relations, sensitive for tragedies, pure in essence..........exercising full command on language...the visit to his page proves rich for the reader...many arresting lines are there on his credit....: And do you think that not saying I love you will allow me residence among sane and do you think that I can still think and write when poetry is not about you … Best...

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A . 21 September 2009

Achaaa to kya pulitzer prize jeetna itna asan kam han... char motay motay angrazi kay lafzoon ko tarteeb dee khabi aur khabi bay tarteeb bhi chor dia lo bhi pulitzer prize kay chance ban gya... lol.: P~~~

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p.a. noushad 03 April 2009

very beautiful verses

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Waqas Naeem 14 January 2009

I'm 100% certain that If he publishes a book of his poetry, he will win the pulitzer prize to say the least!

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Rehan Hyder Popularity

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