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A New Tattoo

I'll wear you always,
etched to my skin
mythically rising from the flames
where you live to fight

All I Have

You are an arrow
piercing my heart
with glowing joy,
rivalled only

Are You Just Another Dream

Have you faded into another day,
only to linger with the night
where a thousand dancing dreams
kiss your brow.

A New Day.

I'm lost without a reason to face each day,
curtains drawn bring uncertainty
as sleeps warm emrace turns cold
inside a moon's final farewell.

A Gentle Tale Of Lust

Into the dark, dank cellar
I lead you by the hand
towards a marble alter
laid with crimson sheets,

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Ken Gascoigne 22 May 2020

How can I contact Viola?

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Shashi Nair 13 May 2014

has age doused the fire or the soul tasted sour?

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p.a. noushad 10 November 2008

how great your nerration is.

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Adam Ward 16 June 2008

Goodbye has touched me. You dont really know if there is anyone out there who thinks like that anymore, sometimes you think your the only one. Glad to see that there is someone out there that can express words that mean many things on so many levels and want to share them. x

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