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On The Origin Of Species (Religion Religion Religion) - Poem by Udiah (witness to Yah)

The greatest farce ever perpetrated has to be beyond a shadow of a doubt, evolution. It fits every requirement of a farce. It is a complete lie that has been buried beneath so many others it has become a pure comical tragedy within itself. There are even many other farces that have been built around it. Evolution was nothing but a hypothesis; yes a guess as to why there was a variation in the fossil record, it was never anything more than that. But its perpetrators made so much money and had so much fun with it they continued to build upon it. To think it has gone on for more than a century, and has destroyed the very morals of our society, also makes it perhaps the greatest tragedy too.

The farce is built upon so many lies for so many years it would take an eternity to destroy every one. Thus, their plan worked. One might say it was brilliantly perpetrated, but the fact it can be so easily destroyed with just common sense, allows one to believe it's not so brilliant, as its believers so gullible. It's like a shoplifter caught red handed with a pair of glasses on his face bearing the store label with today's date and no receipt of purchase, after the clerk has pointed out the fact and they continue to leave the store; or a murderer with a smoking gun in his hand, loot in the other and a dead woman's body lying a few feet away with powder burns on her chest clothed only in underwear inside her own residence; saying, 'let's keep an open mind, shall we? '

The biggest problem for this writer is where to start and keep it interesting enough with as plain of English as possible that all will read without boredom and understand. With that being said, I will now attempt to do this (knowing full well I've already lost the farce believer with my opening statement which is a good thing, for they might devise a plot against me:

Recently, I was accused of maybe over indulging in caffeine:

'Wow.. all I can say is 'Dude, lay off the caffeine'...lol'

I thought this very funny: 1) Yes, I'm afraid I do drink a lot of coffee and caffeinated soda.2) That they accused me of caffeine and not some other substance. (i.e. What are you smoking?) LOL

Let's start with a simple one word oxymoron: ‘theory'. An oxymoron is two exactly opposite words used to describe a situation, such as ‘painful pleasure'. When looking up the definition of theory, I found it has changed over time. Today the word can mean almost anything depending on who is defining it and when. The word must therefore be taken back to its roots to determine its original meaning. Theory comes from the Greek (a language that is not as prone to change as the English) word ‘theoreo' meaning to ‘see', to ‘observe', to ‘look', can thus be taken back to its Greek root which means to be a ‘spectator', i.e. to discern (And just what a spectacle this ‘theory' has become) .

It seems that ‘theory' has ‘evolved' to mean many different and even opposing terms. From language, to science, to medical definitions all seem to define ‘theory' anyway they please. Did not the word originate in the Greek and carry the meaning ‘to observe'? Did not the earlier definitions in all categories point to the fact that to form a theory one must observe a process that repeats itself? That one was required to provide PROOF? Hmm, I wonder what would have ever caused our language to ‘evolve'? For now it seems that the definition of ‘theory' has no more meaning than hypothesis (i.e. a guess) . Is it my understanding that as man's knowledge advanced (i.e. evolved) it became a necessity that ‘theory' had to be altered as well, never mind it took intelligence to do so let's just say it ‘evolved'?

Now by this very definition of a ‘theory' in science today, I can thus put forth my ‘theory' that ‘GRAVITY EVOLVES' without any proof what so ever that the process has to repeat itself or can be verified by experimentation. It does not have to be proven mathematically as always ending with the same result, from now, through eternity; infinitely the same result.

But I do have proof. The rock that was on the top of the hill yesterday is at the bottom today. Therefore the gravitational forces must have increased, for there is no other way it could have gotten there (at least I am not required to think there might be other possibilities) . Now it is up to someone else to provide proof that my theory will not work, NOT ME TO PROVE IT; as a matter of fact I can reject any such proof if I so choose. Sound familiar?

So now, will someone disprove my theory? Knowing full well I can reject anything that might do so. I gained a pound today, not my fault, gravity evolved! ! ! !

Recently I had the opportunity to post on two discussion sites. One was a thread on evolution and the other a thread on evolution vs. creationism/divine design. Anyway, the following statements got me banned, that's right, banned. All the posts I made deleted every one. The first site only allowed pure science in the discussion. Now, all the post made there were the same as here, except the third and fourth ones. I never mentioned a God or a creator, as you can well see here. The second site included them all. They go as follows:

1) 'Insanity is, doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.' Benjamin Franklin

2) Whether Benjamin Franklin or Albert Einstein produced this quote doesn't matter. The fact is that both the Philosophical and the scientific communities claim one of their own made it. Why? Because the very essence of this statement is considered to be truth, fact, i.e. LAW.

3) My, my The Bright Morning Star is sure brilliant tonight. So brilliant in fact its concept has just flew over one like a jet aircraft!

4) Hmm, Science and Christianity collide.....
For you Biblical Scholars: Where is it written that this universe is only 6000 years old? Gen 1: 1; In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. (Do I see a simple period here?) - - END OF STATEMENT! ! ! ! It does NOT give a date!

For you Evolutionists: Please, will someone tell me what happens to a theory when it BUCKS a LAW?

5) The Fantasy of Evolution goes against every law of Physics.....try it....what is the basic most general thing that must be done to even formulate a theory? ? ? ? 'Ah, but we can't possibly observe evolution because it takes too long.' FARCE! ! ! ! This is meant so you don't do it! ! ! ! I don't care how long it takes the process MUST repeat itself! ! ! Therefore, even if I am in the lead, and it took 100 million years to get here.....within that time frame, is so much time, that the process would have started over countless times.....therefore....I should be able to step outside and wave to my neanderthal neighbor while watching the dinosaurs feed on my front lawn.....DO YOU CARE TO GO ON? (i.e. do you want me to expose every farce perpetrated?)

(I just got banned from the evolution thread, all my posts eliminated because of this) :

6) A theory is a conclusion drawn from the observation of a process which ends in the exact same result.....always.....infinitely. It cannot vary! ! ! ! Its results MUST remain the same, if a variation occurs because something has been introduced or removed to cause that variation, it becomes a new process. This IS the very thing which defines a theory and a LAW. A theory is quite frankly, a LAW in progress! ! ! ! It is a process which can infinitely and exactly be predicted.

Now I will proceed to put forth a hypothetical situation, which is what evolution could, at its very best, ever claim to be......yes, a GUESS! ! ! ! !
-Tomorrow Gravity EVOLVES! ! ! ! !

I found it interesting that when I put forth the ‘theory' on a ‘evolving' gravitational force it upset them until I Googled it. Wow! That's their next move. They are attempting to change gravity, why? Then it dawned on me, the ‘Big Bang Theory'. In able to say the universe is expanding, they have to say gravity is changing, because if it didn't just think of the result. As the distances between galaxies, stars, planets, etc… continue to increase, if gravity remained the same, as the increase in distance continues, centrifugal force takes over and we are shot out of orbit, to freeze as we glide through space sometime before we hit light speed! ! !

Now with these previous statements, can you detect the farce? As we learned as children a good investigation should always contain the five W's (who, what, where, when, why) and even how, but I've found the most important is the ‘why'. So ask yourselves WHY? ? ? ? MONEY! ! ! ! The parasites make their living off of keeping the farce alive. If they fail to do so, they would actually have to work for a living. Their tactics are so simple: 1) Misdirect, continue to lead you down paths designed to get you lost or at least keep you so busy disproving the various lies they use to support their farce, you never get back to it and become discouraged and give up; 2) Insult, utilize the 'you're not keeping an open mind' line or I'm so much more intelligent than you ploy (i.e. quantum physics equations prove…) .

Can you now see what they've done? They have removed the requirement that they provide actual PROOF! And the FARCES continue to build, i.e. Evolution, Big Bang, Greenhouse Effect, etc….

It is the constants, truths, facts, i.e. Laws, that allow us to be able to make accurate predictions. With the law of gravity we can now calculate acceleration and with what force the apple will strike the ground (i.e. foot-pds) . You see, if everything evolved we could never calculate anything with accuracy. We could create formulas with so broad of results; that a process could be predicted to lie within the formula's wide ranging parameters, but it would be impossible to accurately predict its outcome. So a missile launched to strike Timbuktu would be considered successful if it landed somewhere near the end of the world! Understand? If mathematics evolved; 2 + 1 = 3 today, equals 4 tomorrow, we'd never be able to calculate anything.

Now armed with the facts, might there be another reason to explain the variation in the fossil record? What force of nature will always advance the DNA? Always advance, never regress, always advance….OMG! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Yes, if one were creating a species would not one just simply alter its DNA to create another breed? Would not that be much easier and more efficient than recreating a new one from scratch?

You see things do ‘evolve' if effected by a variation in the process and that forward (but not always good) evolutionary progress is always produced by intelligence. Furthermore, if certain processes ‘evolve' always for the better, never the worse, it could only be done by Devine Design. For if something progresses from A to B to C and never reverts back to B - for if it did, then B would be able to either advance or regress -thus resulting in all life forms in existence simultaneously, and we could observe it! There is no other force of nature capable of doing this.

In closing: I post this here for all Christians to see. If you confront them with the pure scientific truth they can't stand it. First before they're not quite sure where you're going they will try to misdirect you. They will even site single instants where they've seen something evolve themselves, but this is nothing more than a variation, because it's just a one-time occurrence. Then when they see you're not going to be misdirected by their B.S. they will try to prove how intelligent they are. They will say crap about quantum physics and how equations prove.....don't be misled, because they're trying to leave you awestruck, and they want you to think that they know what's correct because you're a peon. Don't fall for it! ! They might even know some equations or two, but I doubt how many could actually use them without a computer to do it for them. Anyway, a formula can be made with such broad results; anything could fall within the wide ranging parameters. Much like the vague predictions of astrology, they can be made to fit anyone, anywhere. If they're predictions were so accurate they'd be rich, they'd win every lottery. But the fact of the matter is there are just too many variables. They can predict the odds, because they know the numbers involved (see even they need constants) and they can figure all the possible combinations, but they can't predict the winning number! ! !

So I hope this helps your faith. Because they love to attack Christians, no other group just Christians, Why? (Always ask why) because Christians aren't fooled. So they will try to point out the mistakes of the past which Christians have made just because of misinterpretations. And they're favorite, to misquote the Bible (they take it out of context every single time) .


You're NOT comprehending the first LAW of Liberalism. Are you ignoring it? Do you ignore it because without it you are out of a job? ? ? ? The first and foremost Law of Liberalism is EVOLUTION! ! ! ! ! ! Crush it, and you crush all they are. You see, everything they believe, everything EVOLVES! ! ! !

From science, to political beliefs, everything changes for the better, it evolves! ! ! That's why they always interpret the US Constitution as an evolving document. They believe beyond a shadow of a doubt, that things can only progress, never regress, always progress. They have changed very definitions of our language to bring forth that FARCE! ! ! ! ! ! !

Look at an old definition of what a 'theory' is...... Dust off a very old science book, check out Webster's, and look at how they define a theory today! ! ! They have removed the requirement of having to provide PROOF! ! !

Today all you need is a guess. And presto! ! ! It's a theory! ! ! ! ! It used to be a theory had to be rooted in FACT. Why? ? ? ? ? Because a theory was on its way to become LAW. And a law is a constant. A thing that CANNOT be changed. DO YOU GET THIS BASIC PRINCIPLE? ? ? ? ?

They are trying to FOG all constants! ! ! ! From science, to language, to political interpretations, to life itself! ! ! ! ! Why? ? ? ? Because the constants, the facts, the truths, i.e. the LAWS, stand in their way. The more they can make people doubt the constants, the greater the chance they will doubt the presence of a Creator and His LAWS! ! ! ! ! DO YOU UNDERSTAND? ? ? ? ? ? If the LAWS disappear then it's a FREE FOR ALL! ! ! !

What they want: TOTAL and UDDER CHAOS! ! ! ! ! ! !

AND you are free to use the slogan: 'Tomorrow, Gravity EVOLVES! ! ! ! '

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