! Once Again Poem by Linda Ori

! Once Again

Rating: 2.6

What is that incessant noise?
Irritatingly interrupting my sleep,
Unravelling the edges of a dream.
Slowly I swim to the surface of reality -
There it is again!
Stabbing like a knife into my foggy brain.
6 a.m. - 6 a.m. - 6 a.m.! !
Lethargically I reach across my pillow
To the source of my irritation
With unsteady deliberation..........
Where is that little button, anyway? ?
Yes! Finally - blessed silence!
It can't be time to get up already -
Where did the night go?
And what about that wonderful dream?
If I try really hard, can I fall back to sleep
And pick up where I left off....hmmm......?
Just get your butt out of bed and get moving!
Is that coffee I smell?
Half awake, I follow the aroma to the kitchen -
Ahhhhh.........that first wake-up sip.........
YOUCH! Burned my tongue -
Geeze! That smarts!
Deep breath........OK... move it, move it, move it!
God, I hate mornings!
Time to do the morning routine................
Once again.


Saadat Tahir 09 May 2009

Oh an then... with your permission i will turn to the other end of night an do a poem of the same name..if its ok with you...in a couple o days very nice cheers

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Saadat Tahir 09 May 2009

Hi Lin its so much fun when simple every day things the munadane and the ordinary are transformed into verse and polished almost beyong recognition...to assume...almost a greater than life size presence although its there very day yet...you made such an occasion out of ayawn an stretch phnomenal cheers

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A narrative & yarn worth a million accolades & votes....So well depicted is this every humans scenario, and NIGHTMARE! .....Midnight, you continue to shine bright, to your Readerships delight....'bout things that go Buzzzzzz in the night! ~ ~ ~ 2009

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