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! Do You Ever Wonder..................

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Do you ever wonder...............
Why lives intersect,
React to one another -
What makes our hearts connect?

Within a sea of others
Why do we recognize
That one specific person
Seen only through our eyes;

Some may call it destiny,
Or mere coincidence,
But I believe in miracles
And that makes perfect sense;

When two souls are searching
For their other half,
Destiny aligns them
On their universal path,

And when the time is optimum
The stage of life is set,
Two lives will find each other
That before had never met;

Perhaps a random moment,
A bolt out of the blue?
Whatever caused our paths to cross,
I'm glad mine crossed with you!


Daniel Kempson 10 August 2009

Written in the words of a true romantic, super, 10 Daniel

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Pink Butterfly ... 09 July 2009

Sooooo LOVELY! ! ! ! I enjoyed reading it! Every lines are so sweet! God bless!

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Colleen Collick 27 April 2009

This poem... as well fantastic. Go Blue!

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Meggie Gultiano 27 April 2009

I'm glad mine crossed with you! , Linda as i cannot forget are my sister's namesake, and i am blessed to have met you here.Lovely words

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Ramesh T A 26 April 2009

Perhaps this miracle you call is natural selection that takes place at random in Nature just like ions attracted at each other to form into molecules and that multiplies into developed species to level of human beings by evolution!

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Kim Barney 03 October 2020

Excellent poem! Very good meter and rhyme. Saw your name in the " Popular Members" section. Why have I never seen your name or your work before? I will read more of your work!

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Roseann Shawiak 10 January 2016

Love this mystical poem, it's connection hits a chord, why was I led to read your poem at this very moment? Why are connection now at this late date in my life. I believe their are no coincidences, we are meant to meet certain people for a reason that only God knows. Glad to have met you through this beautiful and inspiring poem Linda. Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn

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Dr Antony Theodore 10 January 2016

And when the time is optimum The stage of life is set, Two lives will find each other That before had never met A great reaization of the meeting. usually we meet and we do not ask such questions. you have made me ask it. my answer is not destiny. i would say God lead me. thank you. tony

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James Fitzpatrick 02 January 2015

Nice to be able to read a poem of yours Linda, lyrical and touching

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Yes interconnectedness… the very fact that there are no ‘chance encounters’ or ‘coincidences’ is a validation enough of this self evident through that we all are one and belong to “One” I'm glad we are aware of each other in the apprent 'other-ness' and vastness of 'One'

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