One Autumnal Morning In Pennsylvania Poem by Paul Amrod

One Autumnal Morning In Pennsylvania

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The gorgeous foliage sparkling in the Scorpion Sun
brought a cozy Indian Summer's day to draw breath.
The excitement was vibrating invisibly as undone
was the calculation of a monstrous evil's death.
We peered through the envelope to the second
instance and tabulated the result quite gingerly.
Droves of ballots arrived from Independence Hall
tipping the scales of balance for the Liberty Bell.
We feared a coming fascism with a bizarre cabal
as the Gaelic angels from Brigantia were beckoned
to cure the heartless supremist without injury.
The proud boys and KKK will lie resting in hell's
fire as their extremities won't bring a windfall.
The leprechaun's from Bellina will turn the carousel
as the announcement came and we chewed the hickory
fallen enjoying its sweetness as an Irishman was reckoned.
The joy spilled out onto the streets dancing, enthralled
with fervour blissfully embracing with a lining so silvery.
Whispering the truths of the ages as the mystery will tell
our secretive wishes to the Gods above as empathy's elected.
The struggle for a deeper rapture after many withdrawals
is eased through the prodigious recognition of this delivery.
The well-deserved recipient of the Golden Prize is complexioned
with a sympathetic nature; (a contrast to a liar consumed by trickery) .
The Jamaican-Indian princess is equipped with charisma as we revel
in her personality reassuring all females as hope will be projected.
Historically she has arisen as the daughter of immigrants to victory
duly chosen for her diligence as it is no quandary she was selected.
The sour grapes are displayed instead of congratulations for the clientele
of the lame duck; although his influence was obvious with this close call.
The four days previous to this moment were nail-biting. Don't feel rejected,
be a gentlemen with your concession and maybe a statue will be erected.
Remember your days on this Saturday while you supported the personnel
on WXYZ to present Big Time Wrestling while the crowds like your rallies
screamed and shouted so profusely that all the guests were deafened.
Now the days of Dick Dastardly are here with other Saturday morning cartoons
reduplicating your futile attitude as an apprentice is fired like Martha McSally.
Now it is time to eat your words as the days of the mighty blustering tycoon
are buried near to Wall Street in the Trinity Church graveyard by the citadel.
We once again say farewell and good riddance as we whistle to the moon
cherishing our future, absent of autocracy as we chase you back in the alley.
Clapping a funky rhythm for the champion of this contention as we yell
Hallelujah through the night as graciousness has succeeded. This disheveled
hypocrisy has finally ceased and let the healing commence as health's not neglected.
I cannot emphasize enough the necessity of brotherhood and a rainbow from the valley
will reveal our common compassion for beauty and acceptance like a vessel
to transport are lives to fulfillment as God's children. We have inherited an opportune
situation to accentuate our quintessence striving for happiness so closely connected.
Our collective is constant and flourishing through the blue eyes of our stable trestle
who will propel us forward as our aspirations are his focal point this peaceful forenoon.

Monday, November 9, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: celebration,election
Jan Framewll 25 December 2020

I love this poem.

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Paul Amrod

Paul Amrod

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