Musical Beauty Poem by Elizabeth Grace

Musical Beauty

You are my symphony
resounding in my head
Each passage of a minute
conducts a minuet, and I
close my eyes to absorb you
I let you echo through my mind
your smile is a trumpet
bright and brilliant
carrying the melody
Your eyes softly chime in
a distant harmony, plucked
on the lightest of harp strings
Your soul, the one I know
so well, plays the deep
trombone as
a haunting aria
builds from the tentative
violin strings of memory
Each crescendo and
each decrescendo
takes my breath away
as I am captivated by the
impossible beauty
of this ever-unfolding reality
As a high, light flute
holds out the last note of hope
echoing hauntingly in
the silent room, my
eyes fill with tears.
I weep, because I know
that this was
the perfect
final performance

Vipins Puthooran 17 September 2011

Oh so nice...beautiful poem

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Prince Ose Ikhalo 11 September 2011

Great poem u have has a 9ce flow...welldone

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Stefanie Fontker 11 September 2011

The way you've incorporated the core of music into this poem is phenomenal. I love this, best poem of the day in my opinion. It is a title challenging to earn.

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