One Day The Entire World May Become A Single State Poem by Raja Basu

One Day The Entire World May Become A Single State

A time may come when the entire world will become a single state
And I have a feeling that one day it will happen, though the idea may sound absurd on today’s date.

There will be a single World Government, running the affairs of the entire globe
Spanning from Africa to America, and Asia to Europe.

There will be no “countries”, but only “administrative divisions”
And people will have no “nationalities”, as there will be no “nations”.

Every person will have only one identity – that he is a World Citizen
No matter originally which place he is from - the USA or India or Kenya or Yemen.

There will be no “international border”, as the entire world will be a single country
With various regions of the world being like the branches of the same tree.

There will be no war, as there will be only one country with not a second one to challenge its “territorial integrity”
And people across the world will enjoy a life of peace, harmony and unity.

The entire global fund will be spent on development, with not a single pie being wasted in war preparation
There will be no “war psychosis”, as that is impossible when the entire world has only one nation.

Words like “patriotism”, “nationalism” and “nationalist feeling” will be completely obsolete
And people will find such feelings to be ridiculously “parochial” and “narrow-minded”.

All the people across the globe will live as a single community
Working together for the world’s over-all development with dedication and integrity.

Just imagine what a beautiful place the world will be, if my dream becomes a reality
I know the dream sounds to be Utopian, but cannot we take at least some baby steps towards a Global Unity?

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