One Leaf Poem by Jim Yerman

One Leaf

Rating: 4.5

We were hiking in the woods yesterday…very near a waterfall
The colors of Autumn were in their infancy….just beginning to enthrall…

Many leaves were still green and as we looked around
some had already changed their hue…others had fallen to the ground.

The sun was shining through the tree tops…the aroma of pine was sweet…
and as we walked along the forest path…leaves were falling at our feet.

We were heading back toward civilization…our saunter almost done…
when we happened on a tree that had dropped it's leaves…
all it's leaves…save one.

We couldn't believe our eyes and both immediately stopped to see…
Sure enough:
One leaf which had turned to yellow was still clinging to its tree.

There is a fluidity to nature…a wonderful asymmetry…
A gentle random way about her…that adds to her artistry.

Yet sometimes I have to wonder…when I think about this land…
If nature is completely random…or if sometimes things are planned.

In the profusion of leaves surrounding us…could it be that we were blessed
to come face to face with one leaf…that stood out from all the rest?

Could it be nature took the time to set this leaf apart
so we could discover its singular beauty…one natural work of art?

As we began to walk away we happened to stop and turn around
in time to see that lonely leaf fall gently the ground.

We smiled having witnessed this…and I am now of the belief
that nature allowed us a moment…to see the beauty in one leaf.

Thursday, October 19, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: nature
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