Stanley Collymore

One Man’s Libertarianism Is Another One’s Subjugation! - Poem by Stanley Collymore

By Stanley Collymore

Give over will you! For regardless of what you might say
on this matter or how much you may try to persuade
me to see your point of view I must truthfully say
that I really don’t want to hear of or actually
know about any of those things that rather
laboriously you’ve been relating to me.
And frankly, regardless of whether
or not you approve of my honesty
and straightforwardness, choose to
agree with me or else prefer to take offence at my open
response to what you’ve been unconvincingly saying
to me all along, I still quite seriously don’t give a
damn about what I personally consider, but am
also fully cognizant none the less while at the
same time realistically acknowledging that
you and I are worlds apart on this matter,
is the wittingly make-believe, allegedly
universally caring, meaningfully and
logically far-fetched, considerably
fabricated, enormously irritating
to those who’re fully aware of
what you’re most deceitfully
doing - in showcasing what
basically, and quite risibly
at times, is accurately a
purported and not by
any rational means
either a credibly
structured or a

And while I’m on that subject I wholeheartedly reject too,
as indeed all other sensible, logically-minded and very
intelligent persons predictably will do the ostensibly
plausible but in effect discernibly scaremongering
tactics coupled with the totally delusional notions
and the declamatorily peddled assertions that
quite unsurprisingly and most self-servingly
for those determinedly pushing them are forcefully said
by these same persons to not only be the embedded
components but also the salient philosophy that’s
fundamentally, as well as self-liberationally,
inextricably intertwined with and thus,
in reality, indispensably comprise
the bedrock principles of
so-called genuine

Well to all that I most insistently, individually, beg to differ
with you and furthermore do know that with the absolute
certainty stemming from the vigorous opposition to it
within me that I, for one, shall never in any imposed
situation voluntarily allow myself to robotically,
far less so intentionally, be subsumed by the
pervasively consuming turpitude fatuously,
I believe, being peddled to a rather weak-
minded, unthinking and evidently too an effortlessly
convinced multitude among those who infernally
are always on the take and additionally forever
wanting something for nothing; and therefore
have no problem or inhibitions in willingly
signing up to and fully embracing this
liberally manifested, extraordinarily
prodigious and obvious zealously,
robust proselytized, execrable
chicanery which misguided
and irresponsible people
like you are unjustly
and inexcusably
feeding them.

To begin with it emphatically goes against the grain
of natural selection: Nature’s unquestionable and
explicit way of sagaciously and quite rationally
weeding out the human version of our own
flotsam and jetsam that truthfully should
never have been here in the first place;
and, as such, is a totally unforgivable
disgrace, a distinct slap in the face
and a shamefully tolerated stumbling block to
the studiously envisaged, carefully laid out
and thereafter the indefatigably instigated
plans that our Great Creator, nonpareil
in all things, obviously had in mind
all along when in his inestimable
wisdom he created those of us
that worthily like me are by all comprehensive
and, of course, quite justifiable means fully
entitled to both see and honestly regard
ourselves as being suitably apt, vitally
creditable and hugely indispensable
in our primary duty to always be
genuinely responsible in our
individual and collective
actions as insightful
human beings
must be!

© Stanley V. Collymore
9 November 2015.

Author’s Thoughts:
My Great-Uncle Aubrey once said to me during my teens – he wasn’t eavesdropping but had overheard a conversation I was having then at his house which I looked after during the entire and busy crop season; he worked shifts as a highly skilled engineer and pan-boiler in charge of the totally integrated system whereby the massive deposits of sugar cane at the factory were systematically and expertly transformed into either molasses or sugar, as required, at the long established, very popular, local cane grinding and sugar producing factory located two miles distance from his home - with some basically largely school friends of mine who regularly congregated there to either jointly do our homework together or else play dominoes which Uncle Aubrey was not only an aficionado and expert of but also generally recognized by all those cognizant of his phenomenal expertise as a formidable opponent to cross swords with when playing a game of dominoes with him: a love of his that was on a par with his passion for cricket and more akin to a religion with him we would all tease him when invariably he either singly or in a partnership with others thrashed his opponents, ourselves included, during those contests we had with him

And not unnaturally his home, whether he was there or not, became a Mecca for teams of domino players, all of whom were determined to challenge each other and simultaneously hopefully improve their own expertise. A situation that was largely practicable because Uncle Aubrey was a bachelor all his life, even though there hadn’t been any deficiency of important lady friends in his life, though I doubted that any “legal auntie” of mine on his part would have tolerated the intrusion, as she clearly would have seen it, of so many comings and goings of domino players and spectators into her matrimonial home but thankfully as an avid domino player myself who had acquired my skills from the master himself I never minded too much, and for a number of personal reasons, that there was no formal Mrs Uncle Aubrey around; at least not permanently in the house that is.

Anyway, to slip back to Uncle Aubrey’s sagacious and measured interjection relative to the conversation that my friends and I were having and which had revolved around a homework assignment we had on the merits and demerits of democracy, my Uncle Aubrey’s contribution was along the lines that democracy was like sex: something most of us assume that we must in one form or another have, then afterwards convince ourselves that our own individual approach to it shouldn’t simply be regarded by ourselves as the best there is but more often than not also as the only and definitive appropriate manner of acceptably dealing with that particular personal issue. And because it’s something that is intrinsically part of our psychological and physical make up and irrespective of whether or not one is directly involved in participating in it, the future implications of either doing so or knowingly withholding one’s self are nevertheless forever prevalent in our minds, and therefore can be a very sensitive topic indeed, in a multitude of ways, for those that either egotistically think they indisputably have all the answers required, set against those others who’re still literally feeling their way around what for many of them will continue to be a very thorny subject indeed.

Politics is very much like sex Uncle Aubrey authoritatively explained with very often those that know the least about either doing the most shouting in relation to their narcissistic and often highly disquieting disclosures on the matter. How absolutely right my Barbadian Uncle Aubrey was; God rest his immortal soul!

However, in winding up this conclusion, I’d like to finish off with three comments which I think are most apt in relation to this poem and the sentiments behind it. The first is from Ken de Silva of Kent who writes: “Nicholas Houghton could have expressed his views on the nuclear weapons issue without resorting to deliberate political bias, just as the military expresses its vehement opposition to the Conservative budgetary cuts to the armed forces without expressing political hostility to them. His comments were partisan and anti-democratic and he should apologise. Furthermore, the anti-Corbyn right of the Labour Party should have a refresher course in democracy and cease undermining Mr Corbyn at every opportunity or leave the party.”


Dr Richard House of Gloucestershire adds: “Jeremy Corbyn’s disquiet at the undemocratic outburst of Nicholas Houghton is entirely justified. “If he were a public-sector whistle-blower he’d have been summarily dismissed.” And on an allied subject Catherine Warner of the Wirral sums up my feelings entirely when she says: “To those complaining about the protests against university fees, an educated workforce is not a privilege but a necessity. Universities create doctors, teachers, social workers, scientists and much more. Without them, society would be nasty, brutish and short.”

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