One Meal A Day In 365 Days In A Year Poem by Diane Monte

One Meal A Day In 365 Days In A Year

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One meal a day for a happy stomach
One meal a day for a brighter smile
One meal a day to live life
One meal a day for you from me.

I can not feed many
yet i choose to feed one.

One Meal A Day In 365 Days In A Year
Thursday, December 17, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: food,life,reality

Dear God,
I came before you and i prayed about the things i would wanted to do. And then you answered immediately and my heart cried silently asking what life has to offer today and tomorrow.

I was walking along the street wearing a plain dark v-neck tshirt, jeans and slipper just to check out the area. Everyone is busy, well dress, enjoying things they have, they eat in a fancy restaurant- wonderful life for some.

Then i saw a middle aged man asking for a penny from bystanders for a food so he can eat, yet he was ignored by those people who are well dressed and had bought something for themselves.

Then he saw me and asked for a single penny (cents) yet i choose to bring him in a famous yet affordable food restaurant so he can eat, yet he can not enter because he has no facemask and faceshield. I was the one who get inside the resto to buy a single meal for him and ask the cashier and the manager to give the food to the man staying outside the resto. I gave the receipt to this middle man so he can receive his food and drinks and i left him. Isaw how happy he was receiving this food (1 big pc chicken, a cup of rice and soda) first time in his life) .

I can not feed hundred of people but i can feed one at a time. Can anyone on this earth find ways how to help.

When Pandemic strikes - i started to make a commitment with GOD and to myself- if no one can, let me.

Robert Cracchiolo 25 February 2021

From compassion well beauty and hope.

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