Samarah Essler

Rookie (July 19,1991 / Calgary AB)

One More Chance - Poem by Samarah Essler

Running, non- stop, lost, but don't care, i'm still running, to who knows where. My fear is slowly fading, I don't know where i'm going, I don't know whats happening, I feel like somethings wrong. I stop and look around but can't see nothing but black, what has my life turned into? Starting to get dizzy, my minds all fuzzy, I can't think straight. I feel like i'm falling, with no one their to catch me, i've hit the ground, now I lay alone in the empty dark, I try to pick myself up, but i'm feeling really weak..... I finally mange to pick myself up, affter a few minutes of trying. My fear seems to be fading more, which I find really strange. I start to get cold, now i'm shaking, somewhere, I have no idea where, the black starts to slowly become to light, but I can't seem to see straight, my eyes are hazy, whats going on? Why is this happening? Maybe I desevre this, I don't know, am I going to make it through? Am I going to live or die? My vision slowly comes back, i'm starting to really worrie now, I then start running again, without a clue where I am, still no one around. I start to think, is this what my life has become? Is this how I have to live? I start to feel a sudden pain rush through my body, the pain gets worse as I keep on running. I then come to a stop, without being able to breath I fall to the ground, still no one around. I'm starting to drowned in my pain, when will the suffering end? I'm feeling like i'm suffercating, I can't seem to breath, my eyes start to get blury and heavy, I try to keep them open, but can't seem to. The pain still aches through my body, I try to say something but nothing comes out. I think to myself, I guess my end is near. So I lay their alone, as the pain aches through me, not able to breath, or open my eyes or speak. I'm slowly fading with no one to help. I guess this is what life brings to people sometimes, did I really desevre all this? I can't say I know, cause I don't. I messed up in life a few times, i'm sorry no ones perfect, if I could go back I would, please give me another chance, and I'll show you what I can do. I say all that in my mind, as my fragile young aching body still lays alone cold, somewhere in this sometimes horriable world. As minites slowly pass, i'm not their anymore...............................The chance I asked for was giving to me, I wasnt their any more cause I was somewhere else, I awake in a hospital, with the love of my life, beside me. Thanks for another chance, I say in my mind, I think I've learned my lesson from what happend, now I will show you that I will do better, and be better.

April 9/ 2009

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