One Name Poem by Sara Tehrani

One Name

Rating: 4.7

The whole of my body is covered by one skin
All taken care of and protected by one thing
But when my body is still and left alone to rest
The one part of me I feel lost in never ceases to think at its best

It dreams yes, but while dreaming it ponders
Reflects, and contemplates, deliberately speculating each small or big action I’m effecting.
You may wonder why I’ve rooted this as a dilemma
But do you realize what a brain is like, with more than one side, more than one story,
More than one path and more than one life

One pushes me to a side so stern, strong, dignified and heavy in rules
The other obliges me to flower carefree, open minded, but clueless and lost too
My face is labeled as one name
However I yearn for a thousand, as I’m not the same

Not the same as you who holds just one flag
Not the same as you who carries only one bag
Not the same as you who believes in one religion
Not the same as you who carries no disarray and annihilation

So before you ask me why I walk in different directions
Ask your’ self why you only walk in one.
As you still live with your rooted seed
However let me remind you that mine is gone.

Copyrighted Sara Tehrani 2008

Sneha 'The Poetess' 29 May 2009

golly gosh! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ......ur talented............good read..... :)

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Brittany Something 27 May 2009

this is a really beautifully written poem. Keep writing. This is great

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Great poem A different kind of poetry And i love how well you wrote it! ! ! ! ! Keep wrighting! ! ! ! ! ~Unique~

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Saadat Tahir 26 May 2009

its obviously a very good write sara u be proud of it great ideas...excellent content and write one may differ with ideologies but poetry is different...a universa; language that belongs to all ands possessed by none and its atenner from me cheers

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