'' One Of A Kind '' Poem by Bri Mar

'' One Of A Kind ''

I was on a mission,
What could I write,
A red hot edition,
Is what I had in sight,
In a war of attrition,
Did I have the might?
To complete what I had in my mind.

It's easy to think,
What may seem ideal,
Thoughts you must link,
To expose how you feel,
Even great ideas sink,
With what they reveal,
This will be how you're defined.

A poem or a song,
A book's revelations,
To them people throng,
If they've good foundations,
Who's right or wrong,
Are but great combinations,
Will they enjoy what you have designed.

Millions out there,
They write every day,
They are fully aware,
They may never hold sway,
But for art they care,
That is their way,
With the best they are intertwined.

The power of what's written,
Is a joy to behold,
If and when you are smitten,
Come and join the fold,
When by the bug you are bitten,
It cannot be controlled,
Though at times it can be hard to find.

My mission is complete,
The ending's in place,
But will it compete,
That's the thrill of the chase,
By remaining upbeat,
I've a smile on my face,
Remember, you are,

‘' One Of A Kind ‘'

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