One Way Out Poem by elena winters

One Way Out

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i love you so much with all my heart
even when you rip me apart

i love you when you beat me to death
put a knife to my throat and try to put me to rest

i love you when you rape me, humiliate me, dictate me,
video tape me, expose me to friends who all hate me

i love you when you pull my hair
while dragging my body down the stairs

i love you when you spit in my face
then kick my chest til my rib cage breaks

i really loved you that night when you finally arrived
just in time for me to put a bullet between your eyes

i really loved you when i cut you to pieces
then called the police after i fled the scene

oh how i loved you so much my dear
as i shed these tears of joy for all these years

i'm finally free
laughing hysterically

now's my time to turn over a new leaf

Cecelia Cole 19 January 2009

I love this... It says so much! What inspired you to write this?

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<font color =fusha>Amy 29 October 2008

It sure does tell a message, at first it symbolises that no matter what, love takes over all, but we do have the power to stop it a strong message put across :)

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