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I am a girl
Nothing more
Trying to tell the world
Not to close the door

You wrecked my life
And my dreams
Tore them apart
At the seams

Smile, laugh, love, live
I walk down the street, smiling, laughing
Loving, living and he’s there
My knight in shining armour

Nothing has happened
I have not been abused
Yet somehow, deep inside
I feel hurt and used

What a lonely girl
She sits in the corner
Lives in the world
No one there beside her

I hate the way you smile at me
And how you make me freeze
I hate the way you make me laugh
I always was a tease

Love is one of the most powerful things in the world
If you receive it, embrace it
If you abuse it, it will be taken
If you ignore it, it will get you

In my perfect world
The sky is a perfect blue
The grass is a soft green
And together are me and you

Nobody’s perfect
But nobody tries
No one gets respect
Everyone lies

I don’t deserve your stunning smile
Or your twinkling eyes
So guess I’ll wait a while
The one thing I despise

The battle is over
It took so long
But lasted a mere hour
I gave my best

The night shines down
The music plays
They place his crown
And there he stays

Happiness and sadness
Both in contrast
You are happy to have finished
But sad to come last

She ran out of the mist and into his arms
Hid from the hurt and out of the harm

I’d do anything babe

Leave me alone
Yeah you heard me. You
took part of my life i'll never


They broke your back
And hurt you so
Neglecting you
Whilst you would grow

Little girl sitting upon the chair
He, with his professional glare,
Tipping and tapping, as her nerves twitch
Scratching his scratch with his humorous itch

Many people write
For their true emotions to unravel
Out of depression, angst, spite
But I can’t

God has a complicated plan
Of which I am his one true fan
He thought it over, through and through
And decided I should be with you

Get a life
You murdered this
innocent animal
tortured it

Amy Biography

Please continue to read my biography, i would truly apreciate it I started writing poetry a few months ago. I was inspired by a close friend after a homework assignment. After that we shared poems alot and I always enjoy writing poetry, whether based on my experience or just an inspiration. Most of my poems are related somehow to my life. Most of my poems are empathetic however based around experience. I love poems which bring out raw emotion, and mean something important to me, or i can relate to. Thank you to anyone who has messaged me and commented my poems. I didnt think they were any good to be honest. And remember believe in yourself, the possibilities are endless! And Also dont let anyone tell you the sky is your limit, i've seen footprints on the moon :) Well thanks for reading)

The Best Poem Of Amy

Being Me

I am a girl
Nothing more
Trying to tell the world
Not to close the door

I am a peace maker
Trying to help
Speaking openly to the people
Making hearts melt

I’m an overachiever
Trying to get good grades
I work as hard as I can
Keep promises made

I am a Christian
I go to church with my friend
I wish that my childhood
Would never end

I am a girl
I like to do what I can
I am me
I am who I am

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George A. Adams iii 09 May 2019

I wrote a lot of poems Do accept my poems

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Brandon Edwards 15 May 2010

hi amy like you love is poem it is good nice works ps here is my number 404-357-0425 call

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Paul Butters 20 September 2008

A most promising young poet, with excellent technique. Only gripe is some occasional switching from 'you' to 'he' which may be easily amended if you wish. Just keep on writing (or typing or whatever) . Overall excellent.

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Emancipation Planz 14 September 2008

Welcome to PH... I've enjoyed your solid lyrical collection thus far... so this is just by way of friendly encouragement... and I add....more please..

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