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Please continue to read my biography, i would truly apreciate it

I started writing poetry a few months ago. I was inspired by a close friend after a homework assignment. After that we shared poems alot and I always enjoy writing poetry, whether based on my experience or just an inspiration.

Most of my poems are related somehow to my life. Most of my poems are empathetic however based around experience. I love poems which bring out raw emotion, and mean something important to me, or i can relate to.

Thank you to anyone who has messaged me and commented my poems. I didnt think they were any good to be honest.

And remember believe in yourself, the possibilities are endless!

And Also

dont let anyone tell you the sky is your limit, i've seen footprints on the moon :)

Well thanks for reading

The Best Poem Of Amy

Being Me

I am a girl
Nothing more
Trying to tell the world
Not to close the door

I am a peace maker
Trying to help
Speaking openly to the people
Making hearts melt

I’m an overachiever
Trying to get good grades
I work as hard as I can
Keep promises made

I am a Christian
I go to church with my friend
I wish that my childhood
Would never end

I am a girl
I like to do what I can
I am me
I am who I am

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George A. Adams iii 09 May 2019

I wrote a lot of poems Do accept my poems

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Brandon Edwards 15 May 2010

hi amy like you love is poem it is good nice works ps here is my number 404-357-0425 call

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Paul Butters 20 September 2008

A most promising young poet, with excellent technique. Only gripe is some occasional switching from 'you' to 'he' which may be easily amended if you wish. Just keep on writing (or typing or whatever) . Overall excellent.

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Emancipation Planz 14 September 2008

Welcome to PH... I've enjoyed your solid lyrical collection thus far... so this is just by way of friendly encouragement... and I add....more please..

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