Open Letter To The Cabinet Poem by Oscar Benjamin

Open Letter To The Cabinet

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I plea Mr. President
Do not kill or arrest the Resident
This morning when I walk down the pavement
I saw from a derelict tenement
Crawling out an exorcised inhabitant
His life - a predicament
He thrives to be independent
Yet Mr. president
to be repentant
for all the fund
he has squandered
I knew the we were redundant
So goes his life our testament
I see no friend
To hook up my life on a fair end
The own the scourge the maimement
Reducing my life to pure less merriment
A menace from his regiment
His insecurities towards his opponent
And his poli-tricks Mr. President
I plea do not kill the resident
In a derelict tenement
So turns him inhabitant
Still he needs to be free
Even though Mr. President does not agree
And now I can hear they talk
Saying children must learn
A great deal before work
So a normal future they will earn
Then how shall he make
A good grade so he gets a cheque
Today he practices his freedom on paper
Because they call him a pauper
On paper he has his right their freedom charter
Is it not a freedom cheater?
Or maybe a free doom caster
They kick him out from the hostel
Now in the street he roams a loiterer
And the cabinet fears he might be a looter
And that is not cool
He needs school
He needs shoes
but his life full of woes
And the big boy's rule
A redundant lot turns he with no remit
His happiness they cannot permit
To Mr. President he must submit
Because he is the pauper
They write on paper
The mop behind their door
That keeps clean their floor
The vagrant in the Park
That wears a torn jean
Full time never earn

this is a lamentation about the vices of the poluti-tions against the vulnerable povo
M. Asim Nehal 27 May 2023

Brave way to put across your thoughts. Bravo! ! ! ! 5*****

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