Open Your Eyes Poem by Jeri Martindale

Open Your Eyes

Open thine eyes and look this way. Today the sky is gray with a small trace of white, purple, and blue. it looks as if it is staring at you.

Sitting there wondering why you see, wondering why it has to be so beautiful that you just can't let it go away.

A sudden feeling crosses the mind and so you stand up and sway, dancing with the feeling, letting it go.

The sun shines now, laying its touch upon your skin as the wind whispers silently. It's singing to you from nowhere, it's singing to your soul.

That feeling is there again, OH how You missed it even though you never really had it. To slip away without telling anyone, just to wonder down.

Only this time you find that you've had a bit too much wine, flying way too high. Your heart is beating fast as you wonder how long it will last this time.

The rain pours down now as finally you lay; taking the place you always wanted away from you. Here you are in a dream, is it all as it seems? Did you really slice your wrists?

As the blood pours down, it creates a mirror; you look in it and see yourself in another life taking a beating. So angry that you just jump into all the blood, only to find it was a trick.

Awaking with sweat all over your body and in your hair, you finally reach for your soul, but it wasn't there this time.


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