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Tonight as you kiss up and down my body,
I am screaming out in exstacy, loudly.
I can see the stars in my eyes; you hold me so tightly.
I am weak in your arms strongly yet gently you protect me.

I remember those days when you use to lay your head upon my breasts and fall asleep on me as i gently rubbed your head.
That is something that takes away my breath.

I remember those days when you use to show up at my drive and knock on my door with a smile on your face mischief in your eyes and ask if I wanted to go outside, to go for a ride.

What happened tonight?
Did I wake up
From a deep sleep?
Maybe I did!

Accidentally charged yet often reserved
Small shapes on paper make big words.

Silent yet presently seen

I am standing in the light again
no longer in the darkness
The beautiful colors so far away
so long since I laid my eyes upon them.

I was wrapped in silk, painted with red lips, my hair put up to show off my beautiful-ness.

Only I felt like I was covered in filth, that my clothes were torn and ripped, my hair combed using only fingertips.

You are the rock
that never moves
from my soul.

The woman I admire most has blonde hair but it is really brown; she use to let me sit on the back of the chair and fix it when I was a small child.

The woman I admire most, I can picture her smile right now, I wonder if it was the same when she was a child; I bet it made our mother's heart skip a beat as she looked down upon her daughter as tears filled her eyes.

Waking up to the sound of rain on a tin roof,
Music to my ears.

Darkness still lurks as I open my ears and hear this sound.

I wrote this poem about the love of my life, my lover through the end of time.

My dark haired blue eyed man! He was sent to me by GOD.
He is the only man I have ever submitted to.

I am here, right here
I can't believe that I am staring at her
beautiful face, looking into her beautiful eyes.

Where has the light gone that has followed me through the best and worst times I have experienced thus far?

Yes, the one that once laid deep within me promising I could reach the end without winning and still be able to fly.

Don't you dare stand there and stare at me without even trying to tell me what to do right now.

I can see that you want so badly to scream my name out loud!

Her eyes are open shinning green
She does't know where she came from,
No plan as to where she maybe going.

The sun begins speaking luring me, softly whispering; I am now awake.
I'm getting married today.

I stare at you in the bed beside me, silently you lay, so innocent when you're sleeping I can't look away.

Upon awakening of morning light, my eyes open, no end in sight. Is today my lucky day, will everything go my way? Look into the mirror, a sparkle in my eye, wondering if this shine is a sign. Each morning I look in the mirror for insight into my mind. My mirror has become magical constantly fueling my life.

A magic mirror? Yes it is true, you should allow the power to overtake you. Knowing who you truely are in the body and in the mind; do you realize that that there is always a piece of yourself that you hide. Your own utopia, hidden sensations; wanting to escape, but liking the anticipation. Magical feelings exploding inside; exstacy, butterflies! The magic is in exploring your mind, growing more powerful as the days go by.

Open thine eyes and look this way. Today the sky is gray with a small trace of white, purple, and blue. it looks as if it is staring at you.

Sitting there wondering why you see, wondering why it has to be so beautiful that you just can't let it go away.

She's there, I feel her. What is she trying to say to me? I felt her try to take over. I saw her green eyes as I stared into the rearview mirror; she wants me as much as I need her.

Has she been calling out for me? Am I too lost to hear her plea? After all, how could I ignore her, she is so beautiful and powerful and magical and she shines green. She wears a purple robe, no shoes on her feet; white flowers blooming in her golden hair.

Take off that mask so that I might see what it is that I do not see.
You see I've felt it all along, yet not once did you actually try to let me take even the smallest glance into your mirrors.
Fallen down to things one knew weren't quite sane, to fly high again forgiven, placed in a tear that fell upon my heart.
Now it is a mask that I show each time I look into your eyes. I see right through you only because the tears fell like rain, blocking the touch of your soul.

No one was there to see me as I slowly walked away; believing in the feeling that lead my beloved heart.
Everything changed in the blink of an eye and for once I jumped upon the shooting star to fly toward the light.

Jeri Martindale Biography

I began writing when I was 15 as a way to cope with life. It is hard to believe I have been writing for 18 plus years of my life. As I have matured, my writing matured as well. I absolutely love for words to spill from my mind to paper. I have not shared many of my poems. My life has not been easy, but I remain positive that all will be fine no matter how tough life gets.I enjoy writing about nature, love, loss, and dreams.)

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Dancing With You

Tonight as you kiss up and down my body,
I am screaming out in exstacy, loudly.
I can see the stars in my eyes; you hold me so tightly.
I am weak in your arms strongly yet gently you protect me.

Slowly tracing my body with your warm finger tips,
Creating sensations and giving me chills! Feeling your sweet kisses upon my lips; over and over and over again!
As you stare deep inside me, I look at your beautiful blue eyes, so hypnotizing!

You're crawling towards me with a rope in your hand,
I love what you are doing oh my, oh man!
I can't touch you, I want to; I'm begging!
Please don't ever stop laying beside me, My Love, I'll begin dying.

I would miss more than your scent and the warmth of your skin.
AMEN, we both were screaming, the entire time the room spinning.
The only sound is heavy breathing; our dance coming to an ending.
Now quietly laying in bed, our limbs intangled skin against skin.

Your arms around me, my head upon your chest.
You are so AMAZING!
You are my thoughts as I begin dreaming.
So rewarding to awake with you beside me; smiling as I gaze at your face.
I kiss you and 'Dance' with you day by day, happy with you forever I remain

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Keith Foley 13 January 2014

Intriguing, deep read. Enjoyable.

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