Our Love Poem by angel of passion 016

Our Love

Rating: 5.0

my heart beats within your chest
for our love will never rest
I can never express my delight
for me and you each and every night

you were always charming and true
no matter what I'm always there for you
you are always caring
and your always understanding

me and you have a special bond only we can see
in a special world for you and me
to keep us and our love strong
we have to know where we belong

I know the love we have forever will last
our relationship is not meant to be fast
your the greatest piece of art
along with your very big heart

we know our feelings we can express
we think of each other nothing less
I know I can really sing
and there's such beauty your your eyes really bring

we've known each other for 4 years
more than our other peers
love is not something you buy or make
in life we all make one mistake

I have never felt this way before
it's something I always hoped for
our hearts will never be too full
with the beauty in our soul

Ency Bearis 17 December 2008

great write Angel..so passionate one..well penned.. Ency Bearis

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Shiza Khan 16 December 2008

so much compassion..i enjoyed readin it!

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 12 December 2008

Hi Angel, yes you are an Angel.........your love.

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