Our Love A Gift Poem by Shelly Price

Our Love A Gift

We've said it was over between us,
a million and one times…plus ten.
It's so hard to say good-bye to you,
knowing I'll be loosing my very best friend.

We've hurt each other so many times,
It's a wonder we both keep holding tight.
I guess sooner or later one of us will stop…
and no longer feel it worth the fight.

The thought of me not being a part of your life,
and you somehow not being a part of mine…
is something I can't put together in my head…
it's like poetry with no rhythm or no rhyme.

You try to punish me for my actions…
actions that pale in comparison to yours.
All I truly care about is simply loving you…
I'm not interested in settling any scores.

So when do we say enough is enough,
and close the door to permanently turn away?
I think we purposefully create turbulence…
because each of us knows that we're here to stay.

If staying power is what we each have…
because we do know what we have is real.
Then why can't we each call a truce for a while…
And start enjoying the great love that we feel.

This love of ours is our destiny I'm sure,
I know you don't believe it to be true.
But I have said it to you from the beginning…
I'll always be with you no matter what you do.

I don't want to stop loving you,
I don't ever want to call it the end.
I love you and all of your imperfections…
but more than anything I love my friend.

I see everything so clearly through your eyes,
you've taught me so much about being me.
You've even learned a few things yourself…
together…better people we both can be.

What a ride this love has taken us on…
a ride so many people wish they could take.
There is no one for me that could compare to you…
for that I am certain …there could be no mistake.

If there is so much good between us…
let's focus on that instead of the bad.
We waste so much energy and emotion…
trying to hurt one another when we're mad.

I'm not ready to part ways with you…
I'd rather stand firm and fight for love.
For to love with such certainty must be a gift…
given to each of us from the man above.

Kee Thampi 16 October 2006

is something I can't put together in my head… it's like poetry with no rhythm or no rhyme. love...painted in a great pain

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