A Single Tear Poem by Shelly Price

A Single Tear

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Shadows dance on the walls as I lay next to you,
I'm hypnotized by your breathing as you sleep.
I feel an overwhelming sense of peace within me,
which has caused a single tear to roll onto my cheek.

This tear has fallen, fallen for all the yesterday's,
for all the pain I've caused and for all the sorrow.
A single tear has fallen to wash away all my wrongs,
to make way for love in our life together tomorrow.

To be afraid of our love is to fear life itself,
for without love what true meaning does life have?
Life is about the sharing of ones self with another,
and reaching for all of the gusto we each can grab.

We each bare our own set of love's battle scars,
we've allowed our pain to block us from what's real.
Wounds will heal when we begin to trust in love,
and can acknowledge what we both continue to feel.

I dream of the day we both finally can surrender,
and be freed from the painful bondage of our past.
A day when the storms within us are quiet and still,
allowing us to embrace our love, meant to last.

Mary Nagy 25 October 2005

Very good poem Shelly. It is hard to overcome the past. (heck, I'm 34 and still trying) . Sincerely, mary

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Cece Cook 24 March 2006

Wow, that one was really good! You really captured how people hide behind their past, and how it blocks them from what is real.....ooh I'm jealous! ;)

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skylar 18 November 2017

this poem touched me

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Barry A. Lanier 01 March 2009

Again revisting this one, , , and yes wounds are the battle scars of wisdom.....

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Barry A. Lanier 22 February 2009

A poignant portrayal of the cycle of life and its valleys and storms and the trail of tears...bravo, , , ,

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Ridge Cahill 01 December 2008

The title drew me in, the poem did not disappoint - well done.

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Sarwar Chowdhury 17 August 2008

....amazing composition.....10

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Shelly Price

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