Shelly Price Poems

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Inadequate Words For Thank You

I know the words I'd like to say to you...
to give thanks for all that you've done.
But each time I try to say the words...
they escape me as fast as they come.

A Single Tear

Shadows dance on the walls as I lay next to you,
I'm hypnotized by your breathing as you sleep.
I feel an overwhelming sense of peace within me,
which has caused a single tear to roll onto my cheek.

First Kiss

Closed eyes can see,
lips upon lips.
Thoughts empty of resistence,
bodies filled with urgency.

Does He Already Know?

I've tried to write these words,
so many times before.
To say the things that are in my heart,
to the man that I adore.

My Soulmate...My Destiny

I have loved but one man in my life...
one man that I loved who didn’t love me.
I tried to get him to open his eyes,
but his eyes were shut and too blind to see.

I Will Love You

For all the days of my life...
I will love you.

I will love the beauty of what was meant to be,

Our Last Goodbye

As we each said our last good-bye...
each mistake rolled through my head.
I tried so hard to block them out...
all the ugly things we said.

When Love Become Affliction

When love becomes affliction,
there's not much one can do.
Despite the way you don't love me,
I'm still deeply in love with you.

When We First Kissed

I close my eyes to see
your lips upon mine.
Your thoughts empty of 'I shouldn't'.
your body full of 'I must'.

My Lost Soul

Somewhere in the darkness...
buried beneath the debris.
There's a soul that's been lost...
the one that lived inside of me.

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