Does He Already Know? Poem by Shelly Price

Does He Already Know?

I've tried to write these words,
so many times before.
To say the things that are in my heart,
to the man that I adore.

My page continues to stare at me,
with a blank, empty stare.
Too many thoughts cloud my mind,
too deep my words to bare.

Do I tell him that I love him,
in a way not like before?
Do I tell him that I need him,
each day, more and more?

When lieing in his bed at night,
does he know that I am there?
I'm with him in his day and night dreams,
does he know how much I care?

Overwhelmed by our passion,
and consumed by our lust.
I wonder if he wonders,
if his feelings he can trust?

Does he know when he touches me,
it nearly drops me to my knees?
Does he know what I would do for him,
for the sake of wanting to please?

I wonder if he senses,
the longing that I feel,
to see him, touch him, taste him, hold him,
to tell him this is real?

Now my page is written,
these words that bare my soul.
Do I tell him what I'm feeling,
or does he already know?

I AM SOOO OUT OF HERE 12 June 2008

Awesome write Shelly, AIAB

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Brian Dorn 18 November 2006

Good question, Shelly... the perfect ending to a great poem! Brian

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Francesca Johnson 16 October 2006

Superb write, Shelly. You started off with a blank page and ended up with a poem of passion. And if he doesn't know by now, he's blind. Well done... Love, Fran xx

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