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Our Most Loving, Terrifically Mad Mother Time Is Dancing Again - Poem by Erhard Hans Josef Lang

One Big Mad Ravens Haven - this world of today!

'I'm asking back: Mad? Why? ! '

Because everyone appears to be doing things,
Not because they really wanted or
To do what they are doing

For some mysterious reasons,
Mostly so in the field of modern technology,
— How many useless games and apps daily invented? - most of it crap! —
They do what they do just
Because They Can —

Simply because they can do it -

Because they all somehow feel the need
To prove to someone,
First of all to
Themselves, that they, as
Opposed to others, do
Have the knowledge or Do know the art of
What they're doing.

Obsessed to the
Maximum in that constant display of selfish show-off.

With regards of welfare with
The generality of humans
Not being the least of a point
In their evaluations,
Self-gratification and -aggrandizement their doings' sole motivation!

Think of all the internet spammers,
privates as bad as National Security Agencies' spy heads,
All the same, including also
Their sequestered whistleblowers.

I wouldn't even know how to hack on another's password.
But they done it to a number of
My first poems on my poetry site,
Deactivated the public links to them.
So that I had to repost all those poems anew.

Why? What for all that?

'Doesn't actually evil money lurk behind all of that,
The need to survive in an ungiving world? ? ,
I dare to lash back.'

Even minimal to nothing the gains in terms of valuables,
Still people insist on keeping to this obsession.

How many males who for years had been
Pestered in their e-mail inboxes
By those shamelessly imposterous spammers
Had in the end their penises enlarged
On account of those multiple lascivious
Dejectable spam mail offers?

Most probably none! maybe a few
First-timers who got caught in the trap,
And those might have just got fooled, yes,
For the money, you said it right.

'The madness of the post-war-II world started with the
Senseless megadeath mushrooms
Stooped over
Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
A massive mass killing totally unnecessary,
The war could have been ended much
More harmlessly. It
Was an act of MOST cruel playkit kids
Wanting to test in real time the
Effect of their most potent new weaponry,
Regardless of any casualities.'

For another example certainly stands the concentration camps
And their horribly gone mad death factory circuses.

— — —

'The spammers and hackers of today are nothing but writing on & on
Exactly that sad tale of
Mad enterprising simply done
Because one CAN.'

indeed. Correct! Jimi Hendrix was already commenting exactly that mad modern feature
By his exulted lolling of an eerie sounding guitar,
Then to Ravish the latter by fire
As people still wouldn't understand.

People never understand.
Though they might be standing together
As united eagles, though
Their towering foundations might be trembling and tumbling,
They still won't.
Too few only
In due time
The writings of Menetechel on their walls..

'Thus until now they are prolonging with all their lesser weapons,
None the less viciously destructive and noisy,
The wanton senselessness of those
Primal evil big bangs,

A trail of sad memory
harbouring that old magically fatal pearl,

Rewritten in a dissatisfied global world
Gone utterly mad
By lethal guns and canons blindly fired off

At people's disgust of the culturally
Shamhacked and spamhackled
New globalized world,

As they shout and shoot,
As they shimmy and cavort
Yelling and killing
All over parts of the world
Brothers and friends,
Turned innocent enemies,
Out of their mad sires' old ire,
Not knowing
What they are doing.

'On the day that in Caleph Horny's state
They solemnized their first Gay weddings,
With the untied states' government being appalled,
While on that same day on a Scotland aerodrome
One businessman was hindered from taking his flight
Since he had joked with the security forces
That he carried a bomb with him,

While on the bus en route
To meet with my lover

From my handy mobile phone
I sent an email to the head of that governing bush,

thus commenting the state of current affairs:

'In today's world (methinks)
Too many things not worthy of being
Taken serious at all
Are taken
Much too serious,

While on the other hand
Too many things that well ought to be taken serious, are
From the lighter side,
Not taken Serious
At all! ''

An act of madness, to write such
A letter to a leader of today's world! ! !

Our most loving, but terrifically
Mad Mother Time Mahakali
Dancing again.

'Can you hear Her boogling footsteps all around us,
With me jotting down these confusing lines here? '

Dearest Mad Mother Kali! ,
In your
Blood thirst,
Be pleased to
Spare the world of too much bloodshed.

We'll voluntarily offer unto You
our Hearts' blood of passion,

Be pleased to accept this humble sacrifice of
Your maddened children in Time,

Praise be to
Praise be to
Praise be to

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