Bri Mar

‘' Our Universe We Were Forced To Protect ‘' - Poem by Bri Mar

As the planet we lived on was slowly dying,
The oceans dried while the surface was frying,
The only water was from the tears we were crying,
All caused by mankind's neglect.

The human race then reached for the stars,
We'd first try the Moon then possibly Mars,
Leaving behind the Earth with all it's scars,
Mass destruction we could not reject.

After establishing a colony on the barren Moon,
Before long there was a large commune,
From destroying planets we were immune,
We soon had a terrible effect.

Our gross incompetence we refused to perceive,
Again the human race were left to grieve,
When the Moon was destroyed we were forced to leave,
Our surroundings they refused to respect.

We then continued on our merry way,
Saying we've lived to fight another day,
Though the principles of life we did betray,
With reality we could not connect.

We thought we'd go on forever more,
As the Universe contains planets galore,
Finding another is not such a chore,
Our arrogant attitude went unchecked.

On landing on Mars we received a surprise,
The aliens said with us they must now cut all ties,
They told us our ignorance they did despise,
So our plans for the future were wrecked.

We gave you a planet where life could be enjoyed,
But wherever you go everything's destroyed,
Of common decency you are truly devoid,
Your behaviour is truly abject.

They said destruction to you is a game,
Yet you always refuse to accept the blame,
For mass extinctions you feel no shame,
In dishonour you are now bedecked.

They then left us to die in empty space,
Saying no more planets will you ever deface?
Though we're witnessing the death of the human race,

‘' Our Universe We Were Forced To Protect ‘'

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Poem Submitted: Monday, February 11, 2013

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