Ray Mesa

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Outloud - Poem by Ray Mesa

Here I am in a crowed room that feels so empty
I am around all my friends but there lies this saddness inside of me
She walks on water
she never speaks to loud
I just wish she would lie
and lie outloud

Speaking of the devil
here she comes
in a pearl necklace with teeth
her lips are freash from a cup of red rum
I tell her I quit, I announce my defeat.

She walks on cloud
she never tells me outloud
why she won't make me sane
why she loves to see me go though pain
the reason that it only rains
on me
someone set me free
from this everlasting pain

Down the aisle
lower the corspe
she walks in style
She hates me, she has no remorse
But where will my angel's shadow appear
maybe for once I see the reason person beneath the make up
Maybe I experince the break up
before we even make out
scream this
scream this outloud

'I love you ray
your everything i need
I just don't know what to say
When I'm around I don't bleed
and i feel like I can take on the day'

Leave that framed man
for a free man
I am not expecting you to be my cover up
I just need a real women to help me stand
to help me land
to make me, me again
unlock my cell
hit the bell
get me out of this hell
and send me home
do anything just don't leave alone

Her hand glows with the light from heaven
will she touch me or will she leave me?
I'm hopeing you someday see
that I loved not one girl but three
My first love was sarah webster
Laurel was not far after
then there is you

My reason for you is simple
And don't ask me why
Rarely do I ever have this emotion.
Lately I have had secound thougts
And those thoughts were about you

I may not be the prettiest person alive
I may not be the talktive kind
But I promise you this
I'll choose you before that bitch
I like you
circle the box on the right
it says yes and when you sleep tonight
you will be rewarded with pictures
of my hand holding yours
You recieve an saint
and I recieve a' no more
pain that haunts me in the night
and as I sleep
visons of your smile in my head

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, May 16, 2006

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