Gianna Jett

Pages Of Me - Poem by Gianna Jett

Torn between two worlds
That spoke of lies and of truth
Written by the words of war
As I ached like a rotten tooth

For days I held a greater grudge
In pain I fought to serve a purpose
But why must I be judged
By what is upon my surface

Am I not beautiful enough for them
Why must my body be an issue
Will I learn now what I always knew then
They all look to find an excuse

But the reasons why won't walk away
For they have read it within me
Line for line I haven't led anyone one of them astray
What is it that their own eyes cannot see

How does the truth escape from their hands
As they put me back upon the shelf
For was it not I that was upon their commands
Though I had nothing to offer without wealth

All that I am can easily be seen
By those that choose to see
Who knew what might have been
If you even showed interests in me

You would rather discard
Me than get to know
Who I am with any regard
With attention that you failed to show

Now my pages are tarnished
My looks have slightly changed
Throughout the years I have faded
But my value has been elegantly raised

You should've given me more time
To speak the words that were once written
Now I am a delicacy and far beyond my prime
The words that you knew before will not be spoken

For you will never know them from my mouth
You shall never know the truth of my touch
And you will never know what I am truly about
I could have made you understand so much

About the world, about life, and all of its mysteries
In a matter of speaking it is my second nature
To know, see, and feel all things and their simplicities
For I knew them within my soul as I was the answer

A key to unlock the earth and its every secret
Word for word hand written in my heart's core
Like the apple of your eye that you'll grow to regret
I don't blame you for you didn't know what I was for

You couldn't even remember my name
Just because you had forgotten a certain title
Now all you have done is put yourself to shame
Look at yourself while your body and mind sit idle

What a fool that you all have become
Wasted years have now passed you by
Do you not see what you all have done
Wipe your bleeding tears there is no reason to cry

For I have hurt and cried to infinity and back
These scars I wear give proof of what I have witnessed
You were never there when I began to turn black
Buried are the lies that you left me with

You pretended to be a part of me
But you never even gave me a second look
You were the one that I couldn't ever be
Turning page by page, you never even read the book

Hidden in me was the beauty that always existed
Though you have taken things from me by the ages
They have taken and buried you within the uninvited
After all of this I have finally captured you within my pages

Now you know me word for word
Your imagination I have raptured and fed
You have known, seen, and felt the world
And now every single page of my book has been read

Topic(s) of this poem: exploitation

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