Gangster Life Poem by leticia starkey

Gangster Life

God I need you but where are you god help me because I’m going through it I didn’t think I could do it but I did and now I feel like I’m almost dead but your no where to be found and now I’m laying here dying on the ground and I’m drowning in my blood waiting to die but one thing stops me and I see you and start to cry
But why what’s wrong you ask me I told you that I couldn’t take the pain and I had gone insane but you said it thought I taught you to love yourself what went wrong did you pass it right by thinking it was some kind of lie
I hear your voice and it stings me like fear that I never felt finally someone came over and decided to help I look up at you and tell you I need you I no longer what this life of a gang member the nightmares I see at night when I close my eyes the blood I see when I shoot someone keeps appearing at night so god please just hold me tight tell me you will give me another chance to make things right you look at me and tell me you have to go but do you even know the life I wanted I never thought the day would come that I would put a gun to my head and wish I was dead but life got to hard and do you even understand why I just got tired is all I said I loved you god said and I don’t want you dean
You have a gift or maybe two little did you know I was just preparing you for when someone comes up to you and tell you their in a gang you have the courage to tell them here up and change to not get wrapped up in this little game that they try to play before you miss out on your childhood you better get on your way so think before you join a gang anyway

Adrian Jacobo 16 August 2009

dam mija dis is some firme poem right here wish you luck

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Shaun William Hayes 24 April 2008

powerful subject, interestingly written. Keep writing Leticia. Shaun.

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