Pain Poems: 50 / 500


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pain is inside
pain is outside
pain is hurt
pain is loving someone who does not love back
pain is loss
losing someone who you cared for and cared back

pain is in the heart
that peirces it like a sharp knife like dart.
pain is when you feel like screaming it out trying to get reed of it but some dark pain stays deep inside hurting and haunting you, me and the the people all around

Gutter Box 17 January 2009

Pain...such a deep word. Everyone feels pain...still yet we can not feel others pain. Powerful poem...great job.

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Dan Urgolites 13 November 2008

I have felt the pain too. A person that could mean the world to you and then, like having a fist thrust thru your body and ripping out your heart, they do somthing that ends all feelings for anything exept saddness and pain, and leave you broken in half. This poem is well writen and rings true for many. Exelent Work. ~Dan

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BEAU GOLDEN 27 October 2008

I was searching thru our list of poems with this title and yours came up first. Nice to see you have poured your pain passionately on the page. ~beau

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