Confusion Poems: 269 / 500

Thoughts Of Thoughts

Rating: 2.8

something new something old
whats suppose to come

not so sure
lost in a daze of confusion

comes a day of lonelyness ways of confronting it
losing the battle
losing the war

what comes next
looking around trying to set things right
finding out theres nothing left to do

Naseer Ahmed Nasir 26 December 2008

Sometimes life seems to be doodling around.....Keep on trying to set things right!

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Bonnie Lundgren 14 August 2015

Two corrections: loneliness and supposed to.

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Emily Oldham 14 August 2009

great poem, i feel like this a lot! ! ! keep writing Athena *** words will change the world ***

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Brenda Arroyo 22 January 2009

I love this because there's no exact meaning to it. It's a thought. 'Not so sure lost in a daze of confusion' Those lines said it all.

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Ianne De Angel 19 January 2009

That's a poem that I didn't understand... What does it mean is very complicated, because you seemed be so, so away of earth when you made it. It doesn't have any rhyme, something very questiinable in a poem. The words you used are very simple, and seemed like you haven't any connection with world. It doesn't have a figured mean. That's very strange... Of all the poems I read, this one gets the prize of worse.2.5 for it.

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*Trusting You* 31 December 2008

sometimes we find ourselfs wondering around not sure what to do... or how to make things right. good job. Becca

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