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Pain is looking at the rose that he gave you.
Pain is reading that text message again and again.
Pain is seeing him everyday.

Pain looks like a single rose, all alone.
Pain looks like a girl crying.
Pain looks like a dagger covered in blood.

Pain smells like his cologne in the store.
Pain smells salty like tears.

Pain smells like amber musk.
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isunge Mwangase 24 May 2010

I love the rawness in this piece, Every line is drawn from a breath of a pain you feel inside you infused in ink! Bravo!

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Kesav Easwaran 18 May 2010

i liked the way you personify pain on the platter of experieces bitter of a love relation you portrait in this piece...good imagination...good work...10

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Iron Panda 23™ 12 May 2010

i love how u include all ur senses when u write! ! n this one i likes ALOT

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Nemo ..couzack 12 May 2010

it's really nice poem.. and your another poems nice to.. but i like this one cuz it's (pain) :)

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Liyo Denorte 12 May 2010

for me, aside from ur 'the cherry blossom tree', i also really really like this one among ur poems in ur collection sail on, x

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