Pain Of Flowing With The Dirt Poem by Vidyadhar ....

Pain Of Flowing With The Dirt

Rating: 4.1

Since the ancient times away,
Flowing through the night and day;
From the serene hills around the western bay,
Helping all those who came to stay;

The green leaves & dangling roots of mangrove,
Greet me in their arms to show,
For any rise or fall in the tide flow,
they will preserve me to survive and grow,
Without any pain to feel or show;

I thank the sea for all its grace,
It keeps me alive with its daily raise,
The tide fills me with all the needed spice;
Waiting whole year for the rain to cleanse
All the dirt and pollutant release;

Flora fauna around me they flock,
Flowing dirt pains me with a death knock;
Struggling day by day, I shall survive as a rock,
Till the flora fauna love me and continue to flock;

Tracker Ogryphon 25 February 2008

A totaly Visual Poem. I also write alot about Mother Nature and her ways. Thanks Tracker

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Greenwolfe 1962 26 February 2008

The third verse was a problem but the poem was beautiful and inspirational enough to overcome it. Overall, nicely done. Greenwolfe 1962

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Sreelekha Premjit 06 March 2008

The way you have nature into your poem is wonderful.

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Nema Shama 04 March 2008

concern for nature and life a good comparison between the two

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Suvikar Saliyan 03 March 2008

good one..................

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Rajaram Ramachandran 01 March 2008

The poem speaks well of the pain of flowing with the dirt from the beginning to the end.

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rajagopal haran 29 February 2008

i read it in the philosophical connotation also; like rain can be correlated to the divine grace to wash the dirt of the corrupted heart...great poem Vidya

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