Pain Of Love Poem by Bellaina Bella Hernandez

Pain Of Love

Rating: 5.0

When our lips meet
its just you and me
with Our lives together
hopefully forever.....

Foolishingly for me to say
that, That day
will never be able to
come our way....

Because of the mistakes i've made
not wanting my love to fade
i look at other guys and say

Not thinking what could happen
what pain i can cause
until... that moment that i saw
you leaving me

Deep inside i know its my fault
i know this pain that love gives
i've had it far too long for me to live
im sorry my love... but i know its too late

Romeo Della Valle 04 December 2011

That people were not to blame For the reality I made And the echoes I feared Were the recording Of my own voice...(from my poem titled: Miracles happen) You are a very young talented lady that have to move on and bury the past that caused you pain! There is no time to waste! A very heart touching write that really shows one more time your wisdom, love and feelings! 10+++With faith and hope Miracles can happen for you! God Bless You! Love and Peace for always! ...

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Crimson Love 04 December 2011

sometimes being late can be bad, but it is fate, when it happens, magnificent poem.

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