Patience Is A Virtue... Poem by Denis Martindale

Patience Is A Virtue...

Patience is a virtue, with courage all its own,
With strength as in a battle while standing all alone.
It bides its time, it sets its pace, it thinks before it acts.
It's not like he who thinks he knows or one who can't relax.
Like chess, there is a sequence, a pause between each move.
Much better this than make mistakes which no man can improve!
The wisest man God sent below was born in Bethlehem,
A tiny town, a lowly place, no jewelled diadem!
There wasn't much to celebrate when pain, of course, began,
Yet Mary's patience brought to us God's Son, not yet a man.
The years were slow till Destiny moved close to Jesus Christ!
No more the babe, no more the child, but He that John baptised.
Then all things changed as Fate took hold and friends and foes drew near!
For all had gathered in the crowd that God had called to hear.
'Who is this man who tells us tales? Why bother us with these? '
Yet God had secrets to unfold and precious prophecies!
Time has its moments crystal clear and years when all stays dim!
God works this way to teach us truths that guide us back to Him!
The poet's eye sees future things, events that change our lives!
The prophet, too, has angels' wings, and thus his faith survives!
By faith that's borne of patience given, each soul draws grace like wine.
That's how we view eternity and gain all thoughts divine.
It's not all given in one hour, or day, week, month or year!
We bathe each moment in God's love despite how things appear!
Patience is a virtue, yes, a gift that edifies...
Just like the sun that rises - its light then fills the skies!
Be patient, therefore, human child, regardless of your age...
Eternity's an open book... your life is just a page...

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