Pentaland Disciplines- Seventy [35- 37] Poem by Rajendran Muthiah

Pentaland Disciplines- Seventy [35- 37]

35."Our hero has no clear idea that grace is better than wealth. Through the jungle with abundant Pirambu plants, in the gardens surrounding hamlets of the desert land where the squirrels make sounds, and the cocks fight with the quails, if our hero goes off, disregarding the blaming words of the villagers, my mind doesn't agree
with him", so said the heroine to her friend.

36."The path through the desert, our hero has gone is full of thorny bamboo bushes.The dotted wild cat will be roaming in the garden seeking food to its kitten. The highway robbers will be walking about the path in the desert. Crossing all the obstacles, the hero will come soon to wed me, I hope. So I keep calm" the heroine said to her friend.

37."O, you hero! The long forehead having tusker with its mate sleep
in the shades of the Omai tree.There will be jungle fire burning everywhere.If I say to the heroine that you are passing through such forests, the heroine will be shedding unceasing tears. So do not move away from us", the maid said to the hero.

Thursday, October 26, 2017
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Rajendran Muthiah

Rajendran Muthiah

Madurai District, Tamil Nadu, India.
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